A surfcamp that offers much more than sleeping in tents:
Explore our Surf Villa on Fuerteventura

Close to the ocean with volcanoe view: Escape the monitory of everyday life in your holiday home in El Roque.

Our Surf Villa is located in the middle of the canarian wilderness of Fuerteventura, surrounded by nature and the typical spanish “tranquilidad”. A feeling which we wanted to create inside of the Villa, too, which is why the interior is dominated by warm, natural colors and wood – a beach house away from the ocean. It’s a place where you can relax and forget about the worries of the day.

In five private rooms, a large communal living room and various private & common sun terraces around the house, there is enough room to unfold on vacation.


Feel completely at ease in our rooms in the Surf Villa


Your private rooms in the Surf Villa
Your private sun terrace
Your living room

Staying in our Surfvilla promises pure comfort. All of the four bedrooms have a private bathroom and a sun terrace. Whether you come alone or together with a friend, partner or family: We prepare your room according to your desires as single or double room, with a double bed or two separate beds.

After getting up in the morning, you can rinse the fatigue in your spacious rain shower or watch the sunrise on your own terrace – all in a cosy atmosphere. In the shared living and dining room, you start your day together with your house mates and finish it on the inviting couch or on the community terrace.

We care for your well-being: The meals in our Surf Villa

breakfast surf villa

Throughout the day, we also provide delicious snacks, fruits, coffee, tea, water and other flavourfull suprises.
For lunch and dinner, you’ll find plenty of different restaurants in El Cotillo – we already prepared a restaurant guide showing you where to go and which food to choose: Our Restaurant Guide.
The kitchen in the surf villa can be used by the team only, there is a fridge for your own drinks and snacks though.

For your desires in the morning, we await you with a delicous breakfast! Oats, granola, nuts, fresh bread from the french bakery, refreshing juices, coffee, tea, water and various fresh fruits and vegetables serve the enegery you will need for a surf session or your active day on Fuerteventura. For special diets, we also provide rice or almond milk. All of it prepared by our caring surf villa team which will be there for you during your whole stay – just ask any time!

Snacks in our Surf Villa

The services of the Surf Villa:
A short resumé of your stay in El Roque

Private single- or double room

Bathroom with rain shower

Private & common terraces

Flatscreen TV & sound system

A great breakfast selection

Water, Tea, Coffee & Snacks around the clock

Cruiser & Longboards for rent

A fantastic team


Fuerteventura is a surfer’s all-year-long paradise. That’s why we are open all year round, too! Please ask for availability before you book. Thanks!

Additional nights

Of course your vavcation isn’t limited to one week only – you can extend your stay as many days as you like. Per night, the Double Room is 75 Euro per person, the Single Room 100 Euro.


Breakfast and snacks throughout the day are included.


The kitchen of our Surf Villa is for staff use only. The team will prepare your breakfast and the snacks for the day in there. We do provide a fridge for your snacks and drinks though.

Around your stay: Location & Activities

El Roque: The hometown of the Surf Villa

El Roque? That’ the small village just in front of El Cotillo. At first glance this might seem ver seclded, but the village is just around the corner: In only 10 minutes walking distance you’ll find our surf school, only 7 minutes away is the entrance of El Cotillo and thus the supermarket. The most beautiful thing about El Roque is above all the privacy and peacefulness – like in a retreat you’ll find yourself at ease. Behind the house there’s a large garden – and then: nothing. An unhindered view to free your head from everyday stress and to slow down your mind.


Acitivties in El Cotillo
A windmill around the corner of the Surfvilla in El Roque

By the way, if you are traveling with a rental car, El Roque is a great starting point for surfing. You’ll reach Cotillo Beach (Piedra Playa), our home beach, on the offroad road in front of the house within a few minutes – perfect for the surfer spirit. The Northshore with numerous reef breaks is a short drive: if you pass El Cotillo, you’ll be there within 15 minutes. In the other direction, it takes 5 minutes to come from El Roque to Lajares. From there you will be in Majanicho fast, a great longboard wave, or in another quarter of an hour on the east coast. Can you wish for more?

Learn how to surf or improve your surfing skills in our surf school

Between Monday and Saturday, our beginner and advanced surf courses will take place: Depending on your surf level, the conditions and tides we choose the time and the spot every day. A course lasts approximately 3.5 hours. After a short insight into surf theory, we will send you directly into the waves – because we believe in “learning by doing”. Through the action we never forget the safety and the fun, for the perfect surf lesson for you.
With a ratio of 1: 5 (coach : students) you get trained individually and personally regarding your surflevel by our licensed surf instructors – the best way to improve your surfing. If you are already more advanced and would like to work on certain aspects of your surf or prefer a more private course, we recommend you our private coachings.

Our surf lessons

We distinguish four different levels in our surf lessons. This way, we want to make sure that you’ll get the course regarding your surf skills. Everything about our private coachings, beginner, advanced and intermediate surf lessons can be found here:

Board Rental

For advanced surfer’s who don’t want to bring their own equipment or beginners who want to try different surf boards: In our surf school we have different shapes and sizes to rent for you.


Even if the surfvilla is made for relaxation, we have a lot to offer besides surf, eat and sleep: with horseback riding, diving and snorkeling, yoga and massages you will never get bored.
Surfing is – by the way – not the only board sport opportunity on Fuerteventura. In our skateboard lessons, you’ll learn how to cruise and ride a Carver or a Longboard, the DrySurf Sessions train your motor skills and deep muscles. Together with our partners in Corralejo, you can experience Stand up paddling and kite surfing – so almost all the boards that rule the world (we still wait in vain for snow).

For those who prefer to explore the island, Fuerteventura offers numerous opportunities for hiking and mountain biking through the volcanic landscape. For tips and information ask our surfvilla team or our surf school.

Click here to find an overview of the different activities we offer.

every summer has its story

How far away is the surf school from the surf villa?

Even if the surfvilla is in the next village, you’ll be in our surf school in El Cotillo within a short time.
By car you need about 3 minutes, walking about 10-15 minutes. The good thing is that you do not necessarily have to walk along the street, as there is a quiet path winding through the desert landscape.

How long does it take to get to El Cotillo?

As the Surf Villa is right at the exit of El Roque, you can follow the main road to El Cotillo which takes you about 10 minutes by foot. That’s where the super market is located, too – right at the entry of El Cotillo. With the car you will need about a minute.

Would you recommend getting a rental car?

Definitely. Of course you can borrow a Longboard from us or get a bicycle at one of the bike rentals in El Cotillo (we can recommend you one in our surf school). By car everything is a lot easier though: El Roque is a small village, the peacefulness of the Surf Villa means you’ll need to drive to explore our beautiful island.

Are there any restaurants or shopping possibilities?

In El Roque there are no shops or restaurants. In El Cotillo, just a kilometre away, there are plenty though.

Is there a surfspot close by?

Yes, about 1 km away, through the desert, there is out home surfspot “Cotillo Beach”, a classic beach break. Using the offroad path, you’ll be there in a 2 minute drive, walking it’s about 15-20 minutes. You can already see the atlantic ocean from the Surf Villa 🙂