Family Surfcamp

 Learn to surf  with the whole familiy in our Surfcamp on Fuerteventura

Familien Surfcamp – Overview

All you need to know about our Family Surfcamp

A surf trip to Fuerteventura together with your family

Where can you surf with the whole family?

You are a family who wants to do something special during your holiday and get to know a new sport? Then you are at the right place in our surf lessons for families. Because we want to make it possible for families to learn to surf together in our family class, spend time together on holiday and have fun.

Everyday stress, work, hobbies and activities – there is often hardly any time left in everyday life for joint activities and conscious time with the family. It is often difficult to find time together due to time-consuming commitments and the different interests of the older and younger generations.

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Where does the Family Surf Camp take place?

Where can you surf on Fuerteventura with the whole family?

Our village El Cotillo is very children and family friendly. Besides playgrounds and numerous nice restaurantas at the harbour there is hardly any trafic and parents as well as there children can relax and unwind. The immediate proximity of our apartments to the beach as well as to the town of Corralejo, which is about 20 minutes away, offer an attractive environment with numerous entertainment and leisure activities. So there are also plenty of opportunities to experience something apart from surfing!

Surfing in a relaxed environment with the whole family

Learn to surf or improve your surfing skills while having time for yourself and your own needs


Where do you stay in our Family Surfcamp?

Amidst a magnificent backdrop of cliff formations, lagoon beaches and a kind of lunar landscape, anyone who appreciates nature will be more than “just” satisfied. These “secret spots” are synonymous with perfect relaxation and unforgettable experiences for the whole family. Secret spots because it takes time to appreciate the special nature of this landscape. A panorama that helps you to concentrate fully on the needs of the whole family. You as a family are the centre of attention!

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How are the surf lessons for families?

You should learn to surf when the conditions are best. This is why we organize our surf lessons depending on the tide. The surf lessons can take place in the morning or in the afternoon – of course also depending on the surf level.

We teach our beginning surf students and children at the beach and only take intermediate beginners and intermediate surfers to a reef spot. After the surf lessons, you’ll get a bit of surf theory in small bites from us.

To capture your best moments on the board, our surf instructors take a few photos of you surfing every day. After your stay, you can download them at home (free of charge, of course) and look back on them.

Having a blast with your family in the sun

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Spending time together before, during & after surfing in your family vacation 

How does family surfing work?

Relaxing together is a pleasure for body and soul. However, it is not always so easy to find relaxed moments together as a family in everyday life. Especially when the day was challenging and stressful, one hardly finds enough time for the loved ones. Relax together in an environment, where you find peace and tranquility. The moment you arrive at the island, its special atmosphere will charme you. It is not for nothing that Fuerteventura is also called “Island of Peace and Calm. Enjoy a vitalising holiday and recharge your batteries!

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What can you do on Fuerteventura as a family?

FreshSurf offers you an environment for active relaxatin, with individual time and quality time for shared experiences. Time for a beach holiday, to fool around, for romping and playing or to relax and calm down with a good book. As well as surfing, parents can perhaps take part in yoga classes. You can take turns with the surf classes if your kids are still too small to take part with you. We are happy to support you on your family holiday in Fuerteventura.

Your family surf class together

Discover your passion for surfing and let us bring you on the board safely and with lots of fun!

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How do the surf lessons for families work?

To offer surf lessons for the whole family that make old and young happy, we developed our surf lessons especially for children. We focus in our family surf lessons on safety as well as on the fun for all! The children are introduced to water and waves in a playful way. They learn to surf step by step.

The parents can surf together with their children and spend some time afterwards at the beach. These shared experiences and the joy of surfing bond together. Children are cheered on by their parents during their first attempts at take-off (and the other way around) and children are praised by their proud parents after their first rides.

All surf lessons include extensive and professional supervision by trained surf instructors.

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What is included in the surf lessons for families?

Our family surf classes consist of up to 5 surf lessons (monday to friday with each 3 hours) including theory and practice. You will receive high quality surf material for the whole week. The children get extra warm wetsuits and practice on special soft surf boards for children to minimalize the risk of injuries. 

What is important in the surf lessons for families?

In general we stress the importance of safety and fun. In addition to the accordingly prepared and accompanying theory parts in our surf school we also ensure that safety is a top priority on the beach and that everyone has a great time together.

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What else should you know about our family surf lessons?
We try to find the best conditions with you to improve your surfing. And at the same time we want to experience great things and have a lot of fun together.

How old should be the children in the surf lessons for children?
The children should be at least 8 years old and have a good swimming ability.

Do you take pictures of the family surf session?
Since we want to capture some of your best holiday memories in the form of great photos and send them home with you, we take every day photos of our surf lessons. We put these pictures on our blog and send you a download link to the pictures after your stay. To make sure you can re-live your best waves and moments at home!

Food & Drinks and other activities in our family surfcamp

Breakfast & Dinner in El Cotillo and possible activities

Meals in El Cotillo

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Activities Fuerteventura

Surfhouse Fuerteventura Aktivitaeten

Combine Family surfing with our accommodations

Where can we stay as a family during our surf holiday on Fuerteventura?

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Apartments and Accommodations

You can combine our Family Surf Lessons with any of our apartments. Any combination of apartment and surf lesson is possible. Here you can find the apartments we currently offer. We hope, you’ll find a nice family-apartment.

A possible combination – our Family Surf Camp

We combine surfing and Casa Solero!

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Your second Home by the Ocean in our Family Surfcamp

Feel at home in our beautiful family apartments

Where are the apartments located in the Family Surfcamp?

Our apartments Casa Solero and Moana are just a stones’ throw away from the beautiful lagoon beach with its white sand and turquoise water. Home by the Ocean” can be taken litteraly in these accommodations: ocean view, the smell of the sea and calming sounds of the sea will help you relax instantely. 

How are the apartments in the Family Surfcamp?

The living room and bedroom are stylishly furnished with beautiful furniture and offer everything you heart desires. The decoration is in Bali style and you simply feel at home here as if you were on holiday. Unfortunately, we currently only offer flats with two bedrooms. If you would like to come with more than 4 people, you are sure to find a nice accommodation on other booking platforms, which you could then combine with surf lessons at FreshSurf. Another highlight is the breathtaking large terrace with pool. The communal terrace with its sun loungers invites you to relax and sunbathe. The spacious swimming pool is perfect for cooling off after sunbathing. The flats also have a fast fibre optic internet connection.

Included services in our Family Surfcamp

What is included in our Family Surfcamp?


Stay in a cozy apartment


Surf lessons for the whole family in small groups


A strong team on-site


Free Yoga Equipment

towels icon

Towels, Bedding, Final Cleaning

camera icon

Surf photos via Download


Wi-Fi in the apartment complex


Free material
(Skateboards, Balls, …)

Prices for the Family Surfcamp

What costs the Family Surfcamp?

Apartments with 2 bedrooms

You decide how many surf lessons per person you want

Book the Family Surfing Package

If you like our offer, you  can book it here directly! We are looking forward to see you!

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Making sure no questions about the Family Surfcamp remain open

You ask – we answer!

Questions & Answers

Family Surfcamp Fuerteventura

On which days can I arrive, when is check-in possible, when is check-out?

At FreshSurf you can arriva any day. You can always check in from 17h00. Please let us know your arrival time and flight details ahead of time. Check-Out is at 10h00 on the day of departure. 

What is the minimum stay at your accommodation?

The minimum stay is 7 night. 

Would you recommend a rental car on Fuerteventura?

To discover the island a rental car is definitely the most comfortable way. That way you can also check out the various surf spots on your own and go surfing after the surf lesson. Fuerteventura has many natural gems, which are most easily reached by hire car

How far are the apartments from the surf school?

Walking from the apartments to our surf school will take you about 5 to 10 minutes. 

Can I book additional nights? How do it works with towels and the final cleaning?

Additional nights are of course possible, please enquire. If you stay longer than 10 days, towels will of course be changed. The final cleaning is included in the price.

When do our surf lesson and Yoga lesson start?

You can start your surf course any day. Normally we plan the surf course start on the day after your arrival. If you would like to start later, please let me know. Yoga classes usually take place in the evening and last about 75 minutes. Mats are already available, all you need are comfortable clothes, something to drink and a towel.

Can I book additional surf lessons or activities on-site?

You can always book additional surf lessons or other  activities once you are here!

How does it work with the different surf course levels in the surf course?

When you book your surf camp holiday, we ask for your surf level in the form, as we have divided our courses into different skill levels. You can find out which levels we differentiate between and what knowledge you should have for what on our surf course page.

From which age can children participate in the surf lesson?

Children from the age of 8 can take part in our surf lessons. If your children can already swim and are tall, they can also start surfing at a younger age and take part in the surf course.

From which age can children participate at the Intermediate lessons?

Children aged 12 and over can take part in the intermediate surf lessons (even without parents). For children under 14 who are not yet known to us, the first day always takes place on the beach. Only after the first day on the beach and the surfing level has been assessed by our surf instructors can you switch to the intermediate surf class, which takes place at a reef spot.

Important for children on our surf courses! The instructions of the surf instructors must always be followed!

Safety is a matter close to our hearts, especially for the little ones, which – in addition to all the fun of a surf lesson – also requires some seriousness and rules:

The instructions of our surf coaches must be followed immediately at all times. If you repeatedly fail to follow instructions, we will unfortunately have to exclude you from the current surf course and future courses. On site, we will ask you to sign a disclaimer for you and your kids as legal guardians.