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Learn how to kitesurf with the kitesurf school Magma- Kitesurfing Fuerteventura 

Magma Kitesurf School sets the highest standards for its kitesurfing courses. The lessons are open and suitable for everyone from 12 years of age. The maximum class size is 4 students per instructor to respect the safety rules and to ensure the best learning progress. In this way the student is never neglected, receives a lot of personal feedback and can develop quickly.

The kite surfing instructors are very experienced and have a wide range of skills. They work with recognized learning & teaching methods. You learn according to your kitesurfing level, your previous knowledge and your own rhythm – at your own pace. This way you will get the best results in the shortest time

The surf school Magma Kite School teaches with the most modern & newest kite surfing equipment, which is changed every 6 months. You kite with a kite with safety release, a board, a radio helmet, wear a wetsuit and harness and receive a comprehensive insurance. All this is already included in the kite surfing offer. During the training sessions on the water, the surf instructors are always close to you by boat and jet ski to support you.

One of the biggest misconceptions about kitesurfing is that it is difficult to learn. With the right training the Magma Kitesurf School will get you on the board within a 2-day surf course.

Kitesurfing on Fuerteventura: Experience the power of the wind

Learn the trend sport of kitesurfing first hand and forget the world around you. Only the kite and your board will be in your center of attention once the kite is in the air and caught by the wind. Experience the power of the wind and the sea, just you and your kite during your kitesurfing lessons on Fuerteventura.

learn kite surfing

Always towards the horizon

The feeling of freedom in your hand and the wind in your face makes you forget the world around you. Fun definitely comes first, although he has to share this position with security. Kiting certainly has some risks, but these are minimized with good instruction in theory and practice.

Learn to read wind and waves

Experience with us what it means to feel boundless freedom. Combine speed and action with the feeling of total release and switch off. For several hours, you will concentrate solely on steering the kite. You forget everything around you and can just enjoy the moment.

Kitesurfer in den Wellen
Kitekurs am Strand auf Fuerteventura

Kitesurfing chances the perception of wind and water

You want to experience exactly this feeling of freedom? Get to know your body differently and feel nature? Then our kitesurfing offer here on Fuerteventura is just right for you. Let the wind pull you and enjoy the salt water under your feet.

So that no questions about kitesurfing on Fuerteventura remain open, you ask – we answer!


No matter which option you choose: All our courses include the following services:

Material of the highest quality
Instruction in theory and practice
Spot transfer


In general we offer our kite courses from Monday to Sunday. Of course we depend on the tides and wind conditions. We always arrange our courses so that we can get the best out of you and you have the maximum fun and learning success with kitesurfing.

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Our cooperation partner for kitesurfing on Fuerteventura

magma kitesurf schoolOur cooperation partner Magma Kite School is a team of enthusiastic water sports enthusiasts who are passionate about kitesurfing and other water sports on Fuerteventura and who will pass on and teach you the best tips and tricks. Here you will receive theoretical and practical lessons at the highest level, either to improve your kitesurfing level or for your first contact with a new sport.


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