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Frequently asked questions – What you should know!

In order to answer as many questions as possible before your stay with us, we have listed the most frequently asked questions here. If you have any further questions, please write to us!

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General Information

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Are there certain arrival days and are there certain start days for the surf course?

No! You can arrive on any day from Monday to Sunday and start your surfing course on any day.

What is the average age of the guests?

The average age of our guests is between 20 and 40, however all ages are represented, from 8 (our youngest) to 68 (our oldest surf guest). At vacation and semester break times, guests tend to be a little younger.

Are there many solo travelers at your surf camp?

We often have guests traveling alone, so our accommodations are all located directly in El Cotillo, so you can still do something with the other guests after surfing. We also like to do something together with our guests.

From which countries do the other guests come?

Our guests come mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But we also have guests from the rest of Europe, from England, Scandinavia and some other countries.

Do I need a socket adapter?

No, the sockets are designed for the Europlug – i.e. the same socket as in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, if you are from the UK, you will need an adapter please.

Questions And Answers About Surf Camp In Fuerteventura

Why you should learn surfing at our surf camp & answers to all other questions!

Why should I book my surf vacation in your surf camp in Fuerteventura or your accommodations in Fuerteventura?

With more than 12 years of experience in surf travel, surf vacations and surf camps in Fuerteventura, we guarantee you the most beautiful accommodations for surfers and daily great conditions for surfing. We offer you first class apartments, a great surfhouse or a surfvilla as well as apartments. We are currently providing professional lessons from experienced surf coaches, all of whom are certified by FCS or FES. The lessons take place with selected equipment on which you will learn to surf quickly and safely. With us in the surf school and surf camp on Fuerteventura you are gold right!

How do I find the right accommodation for me?

We are all surfers and know how important the right accommodation is in a surf vacation. . We want you to feel comfortable and since everyone is different, we offer a variety of different options: surf camp in Fuerteventura – our surfhouse, surf villa, hotel, apartment or beach house in Fuerteventura you have the choice! Our family surf camp is located close to the sea. Our surfhouse or any of our accommodations can become your home by the sea. Take a look at the different accommodations and then decide which one is best for you.

What should I think about before booking a surf camp vacation in Fuerteventura?

To find the right surf camp for you on Fuerteventura, you should take a little time to be clear about what you actually want and what is important to you in a surf camp. In order to make it easier for you to find the right surf camp for you, we have put together the most important points to recognize a good surf camp.

From our offers of accommodations, activities and services you can put together your individual surf package for your surf vacation at a surf camp. Do you want to learn surfing in small groups, spend time in nature, on the beach and practice yoga – no problem. You want a vacation that is all about surfing (learning), with Funcional Surf Training and Surf Skate Training in addition to your surf sessions, then you are also at the right place. Or do you just want to switch off, hang your thoughts and relax – everything is possible! We are happy to advise you from the very beginning of your surf camp experience to make sure you make the right decision.

I have never surfed before, can I book a surf camp in Fuerteventura?

Our surf camp in Fuerteventura with the attached surf school is the perfect opportunity for you to learn surfing if you have no experience on the surfboard and at the same time want to meet new people and like-minded people during your surf vacation.

Surfing vacations in a surf camp are the all-round carefree package of a surf vacation: From the bus shuttle or airport transfer to catering tips to surf equipment and the selection of the right surf spot for you – our local team will be happy to help you with the organization. As an absolute beginner you will receive intensive supervision and a selection of easy spots with white water waves in our arranged surf courses. We cater to the different needs and levels of our guests and divide them into different groups. In this post we described how to recognize a good surf school.

Is the FreshSurf Surfcamp only something for surf beginners?

Our surf camp Fuerteventura is not only suitable for beginners. Also many intermediates like to spend their time with us in Fuerteventura. Why? Because in addition to surf lessons for beginners and intermediates, we also offer private surf coaching, where you get even more feedback and can work on little things, techniques or your style individually.

Can I also take a vacation at FreshSurf without having to take a surf course?

Absolutely, you can. In the surf school we offer a surfboard rental and equipment rental, provided: You know the right of way rules, know about wave lore and master the rules about currents and behavior in the water. You can change your surfboard at any time and are always well prepared in case surf conditions change. Whether soft- or hardboard, longboard, shortboard or wetsuit – with us you can rent everything for your surf trip!

Even if you just want to relax on the beach or do yoga, you are exactly right with us at the surf camp on Fuerteventura.

Can families with children stay at your surf camp?

FreshSurf stands for surfing (learning) for the whole family! Surfing together in a very special surf vacation here in Fuerteventura, we want to make that possible for you. We have special offers for families with children who want to surf together on Fuerteventura. With our surf camp for families we have created an offer for you and your family, if you are looking for a carefree vacation with sports activities, relaxation and a sociable atmosphere. We know exactly what you want!

I have many more questions about my surf camp, where can I ask you?

There are still questions open? You want to know more about your surf camp and home by the sea? Use our contact form or write us via Whatsapp and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a specific booking request, please send us the relevant details and you will receive a non-binding surf camp offer by email!

If you want to learn more about surfing, please have a look at our surf knowledge page. Here you will find many helpful reports and a lot of tips and tricks that you can use before your surf vacation.

More specific questions and answers about Surfhouse Fuerteventura

Here you get all information about our Surfhouse in El Cotillo!

On which days can I arrive?

With us you can arrive every day. You can check in at the Surfhouse from 5 pm. Please let us know your arrival time and flight number in time. The check-out is at 10 o’clock!

Would you recommend a rental car?

To discover the island, a rental car is definitely the most pleasant option. Also, you can independently check out the variety of surf spots and also go surfing after or before the courses. Fuerteventura has some natural gems that are easiest to reach with a rental car.

How far is the Surfhouse from the surf school?

The Surfhouse is located about 12 min. by foot and 3 min. by car from the surf school.

What accommodation services are included in the price?

The accommodation services include the following:

  • One night in a double room costs 50 € per person, including towels and bed linen and final cleaning.
  • The double rooms for sole use cost 15 € per night extra.
What catering services do you offer?

No catering is included in the booking. You cater yourself!

When does my surf course start?

With us you can start your surf course every day. Normally we plan the surf course start the day after your arrival. If you would like to start later, please let us know.

Do you have different surf course levels?

When booking your vacation, we ask for your surfing level, because we have divided our courses into different skill levels. Which levels we distinguish and what skills you should bring for what, you can read in advance on our surf course page.

Questions that concern All Our Accommodations!

Everything about kitchen, bathrooms, bedding, cleaning, internet and catering!

Are there cooking facilities in the accommodations in Fuerteventura?

In all accommodations there is a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook yourself something anytime.

Are there shared bathrooms or does everyone have their own bathroom?

In all our apartments there is at least one bathroom with shower and toilet, which of course you do not have to share. In the Surfhouse 4 rooms share 3 bathrooms and in the Surfvilla 5 rooms share 3 bathrooms.

Do I need to bring bedding, a sleeping bag or towels?

In all our accommodations towels and bed linen are included. However, please bring a large beach towel yourself!

Important info about water supply in summer!

On the Canary Islands, especially in summer, there can often be a shortage of water. Accordingly, it is important to always be very sparing with the water. We do our utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible, unfortunately, our hands are tied with regard to running water, as this is a problem of the local waterworks and generally the water supply of the entire island. Of course we will provide water canisters at any time, so that a basic supply of water is always guaranteed. If you want, you can also bring dry shampoo, for example, in case there is no running water in the meantime.

Do the accommodations have wifi or internet connection?

All our accommodations have fiber optic internet connection.

Are there any additional costs for cleaning the accommodations?

The cleaning of the accommodation is included in the price of the Surfhouse and the Surfvilla. For the apartments there is a final cleaning fee of 50 €.

Is there a supermarket near the accommodation?

Supermarkets in El Cotillo
In the village you will find a total of 3 supermarkets: Supermercado (daily from 9 am to 9 pm, in winter until 9 pm), Superdino (daily from 8:30 am to 9 pm) and Hiperdino Express (daily from 9 am to 9 pm). There is also the small grocer Víveres Argelia.

Are there restaurants in El Cotillo near the accommodation?

In the vicinity of all accommodations (maximum 5 minutes walk) there are many different restaurants.

What is the cost of living / food in Fuerteventura?

Since there are cheap supermarkets in the vicinity – not much more than in Germany, certain things like fresh bread from the bakery are even much cheaper. There are also some cheap and tasty restaurants in our guest information, which you can get from us on site.

Is it possible to rent bikes, longboards, skateboards, carverboards, etc. on site?

Yes, in the surf school Riders Surf N Bike you can rent sports equipment for the beach and longboards or skateboards. Bicycles can also be rented there for a reasonable price.

Questions and answers about the family surf camp in Fuerteventura

Questions and answers about your stay with us at the family surf camp in El Cotillo!

On which days can I arrive, from when is check-in possible, when is check-out?

With us you can arrive every day. You can check in from 5 pm. Please let us know your arrival time and flight number in time. Check-out on the day of departure is at 10 am.

What is the minimum stay with you?

The minimum duration of the stay is 7 nights.

Would you recommend a rental car in Fuerteventura?

To discover the island, a rental car is definitely the most pleasant option. Also, you can independently check out the variety of surf spots and also go surfing after or before the courses. Fuerteventura has some natural gems that are easiest to reach with a rental car.

How far are the apartments from the surf school?

The surf school is between 5 and 10 minutes walk from all apartments.

Is it possible to book additional nights? How does it work with the towels and the final cleaning?

Additional nights are of course possible, please just ask. If you stay longer than 10 days, towels will be changed of course. The final cleaning is included in the price.

When does our surf course and yoga course start?

You can start your surf course every day. Normally we plan the surf course start the day after your arrival. If you would like to start later, please let me know. Yoga classes usually take place in the evening and last about 75min. Mats are already provided, all you need are comfortable clothes, something to drink and a towel.

Can I book additional surf lessons or activities on site?

Additional surf lessons or other activities can be booked on site at any time!

How does it work with the different surf course levels in the surf course?

When booking your surf camp vacation, we will ask you for your surf level in the form, as we have divided our courses into different skill levels. Which levels we distinguish and what knowledge you should bring for what, you can read in advance on our surf course page.

From what age can children participate in the surf course?

Children can participate in our surfing courses from the age of 8.

From what age can children participate in the Intermediate surf course?

Children from 12 years old can participate in the surf course (even without parents). For people under 14 years old, who are still unknown to us, the first day always takes place on the beach, only after the first day on the beach and the sighting of the surf level by our surf instructors can be changed to the surf course, which takes place on the reef.

Important for children in our surf courses! The instructions of the surf instructors must always be followed!

Safety is a matter of the heart for us, especially for the little ones, which – besides all the fun of a surf course – also require some seriousness and rules:

The instructions of our surf instructors must be followed immediately at all times. If you repeatedly fail to follow instructions, we unfortunately have to exclude you from the current surf course as well as future courses. On site we will ask you as a parent or guardian to sign a disclaimer for you and your kids.

Questions And Answers About Fuerteventura Island

These are the points that make Fuerteventura! We answer the corresponding questions here!

What is the weather like in Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura has a statistical rainfall probability of 5 days per year. The highest probability of rain is found in November, January and February. The coldest time is February. In February the weather is with 20 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night similar to Germany in May/June. In summer, due to the steady trade winds from the northeast, temperatures are at a constant 25 to 28 degrees. The warmest days are in late spring and early autumn, when the wind stops, then the temperatures rise up to 30 degrees.

How warm is the water in Fuerteventura? What is the water temperature in Fuerteventura?

The water temperature varies between 18 degrees in winter and up to 24 degrees in summer.

What else can you do on Fuerteventura besides surfing?

Fuerteventura is a paradise for water sports and outdoor activities. Besides surfing, you can experience kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, wakeboarding, skimboarding, scuba diving, quad and motocross riding, hiking, mountain biking, jogging, fishing, playing tennis, soccer and basketball, snorkeling and much more.

When is the best time to party in Fuerteventura?

During the peak season in summer, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter. Also in February/March for carnival. In El Cotillo it is usually a little quieter. If you want to go out and party, we recommend Corralejo.

Was sollte man auf Fuerteventura gesehen haben?

beeindruckenden langen Sandstrände gesehen zu haben! Sehenswert sind darüber hinaus die Dünen von Corralejo, die Höhlen von Ajuy, der Ort Betancuria, sowie verschiedene Windmühlen und Kirchen.

Kann man im Winter auf Fuerteventura baden?

Das mediterran-subtropisches Klima sorgt für eine durschnittliche Wassertemeratur von 20° C. Im Februar bis April können die Wassertemeraturen bis auf 17° C fallen, in den Sommermonaten von August bis September kann der Atlantik Temperaturen bis 25° C erreichen. WICHITG: Im Atlantik herrschen oft unvorhersehbare Unterströmungen, daher immer Vorsicht beim Baden und auf die Flaggen achten!

Braucht man bestimmte Impfungen für Fuerteventura?

Für einen Urlaub auf Fuerteventura braucht man keine speziellen Impfungen, die üblichen Standardimpfungen sind ausreichend. Man kann aber vor Reiseantritt seinem Impfungen gegen Tetanus, Diphterie, Hepatitis A und B auffrischen. Obwohl die Kanarischen Inseln nahe bei Afrika liegen, besteht kein Malaria-Risiko.

Mit einer Impfung gegen Covid-19 könnt ihr ohne Test ein- und ausreisen!

Oft hört man von einem erhöhten Risiko von Darminfektionen, doch wenn Sie auf eine entsprechende Lebensmittelhygiene achten, beugen Sie Darmerkrankungen vor: beispielsweise Obst und Gemüse immer vor dem Verzehr zu waschen und das Leitungswasser nicht trinken!

Wie ist die ärztliche Versorgung auf Fuerteventura? Gibt es deutsche Ärzte/innen auf Fuerteventura?

Die ärztliche Versorgung auf der Insel ist gut, auch die öffentlichen und privaten Krankenhäuser der Insel entsprechen dem europäischen Standard. Besonders in den touristischen Gebieten sprechen viele Ärzte Englisch und/oder Deutsch. Wir arbeiten mit einer Allgemeinärztin in Corralejo zusammen. Bitte bedenkt, dass es deutschsprachige Ärzte auf Fuerteventura gibt, die privat abrechnen. Unter Umständen werden die Kosten nicht von der Krankenkasse übernommen.

Questions and answers about the place El Cotillo!

Where is the place, distance from the airport, distance to Corralejo, etc.?

Where is El Cotillo located?

The small fishing village is located in the northwest of Fuerteventura. Thus, it belongs to the Canary Islands in Spain. The associated municipality is La Oliva.

How far is El Cotillo from the airport?

With a rental car you drive from the international airport Fuerteventura about 35 to 40 minutes to the town center. If you want to go by bus, you have to take line 3 from the airport to Puerto del Rosario. Here you change at the Estacion de Guaguas in Puerto del Rosario to bus line 7. The trip takes about 1.5 hours, including waiting times and changing buses.

How far is El Cotillo from Corralejo?

The distance between El Cotillo and Corralejo is about 20 minutes by car. The bus line 8 connects the two resorts several times a day. The price is 3.10 euros per ride and person (as of June 2021). You can see the travel times, for example, in the online bus schedule of line 8.

Is there a supermarket in El Cotillo?

In the town you will find a total of 3 supermarkets: Supermercado (daily from 8 am to 10 pm), Superdino (daily from 8:30 am to 10 pm) and Hiperdino Express (daily from 8 am to 10 pm). In addition, there is a small grocery store Víveres Argelia.


Is it possible to rent bicycles in El Cotillo?

You can rent a bike for example at Riders Surf’N Bike from 10 euros per day. From the 3rd day the daily rent decreases. In addition to mountain bikes, there are also electric bikes, racing bikes, skateboards, longboards, surfboards and surfing equipment, as well as child seats.


Questions and answers about the place Corralejo!

Where is the place, which bus goes there, etc.?

How far is Corralejo from El Cotillo?

Corralejo is about 25 min. away by car and 40 min. by public bus. There is a bus connection directly from Cotillo to Corralejo.

When does the bus to Corralejo leave from El Cotillo?

Buses leave from El Cotillo every full hour – except at 2pm.

Would you recommend a rental car to go to Corralejo?

To discover the island, a rental car is definitely the most pleasant option. Also, you can independently check out the variety of surf spots and also go surfing after or before the courses. Fuerteventura has some natural gems that are easiest to reach with a rental car.

Questions About Bookings & Payment

How does a booking work and how does the payment work?

How does the booking process work for you?

1. Booking

Your request
Your individual offer
Your booking
Booking confirmation
Your deposit

2. Planning & information

Accommodation (info about arrival)
Meals (info about meals)
Activities (info about activities)
Surf course (course times & info)

3. Arrival & vacation

Arrival at the airport & journey to Cotillo
Personal check-in by our team
Tips for your stay
Enjoy your vacation

How can I book with you?

The booking is completed via our online portal under “book”!

Can you book surf lessons without accommodation? Can you book accommodation without surf lessons?

You can also book surf lessons without staying overnight with us!

On the other hand, you can also stay overnight with us without taking a course!

Are group bookings possible with you?

Of course you can come with more than one person. Please ask briefly about the availability by email.

How can I cancel a booking with you and what are the costs?

You can cancel directly by email. In this case, please send us a message via the contact form, stating the booking details.

Detailed information about cancellation costs can be found in the ARB/AGB.

Is it possible to pay with credit card?

Since we unfortunately do not offer this service at the moment, we would ask you to pay in cash or transfer in advance on the day of arrival or at the latest on the first day of the course.

What deadlines do I have to meet for the down payment or final payment?

After booking, a deposit of 50 % of the total price is to be transferred within 7 days. The rest of the payment is to be made in cash on the spot or by advance bank transfer or Paypal.

Flight booking questions

What is the best way to get to Fuerteventura and which airlines fly to Fuerteventura?

Is it possible to book flights directly through you?

No, unfortunately, no flight can be booked directly with us. However, we are happy to provide information about good Internet travel agencies or other booking portals where you can make cheap flight reservations.

Which airlines fly to Fuerteventura?

You can fly to Fuerteventura with various airlines, such as Lufhansa, Condor, TuiFly, Iberia, Ryan Air, LTU, Easy Jet or Spain Air. Edelweiss also flies from Switzerland. Another possibility is the flight to Lanzarote – from there you can take the ferry to Fuerteventura in 35 minutes.

Where is the best place to book flights to Fuerteventura?

It is worth looking out for special offers early on. Condor regularly offers “one-day flights”. It is also worth checking major air travel portals, such as www.flug.de; www.skyscanner.de; www.flug.idealo.de or www.ltur.de etc., as they compare prices and suggest the cheapest one for you. It is also always good to be flexible with your travel date, as there are often different expensive/cheap flights on different days of the week. The cheapest flights are often those that leave very early, for example at 6am.

How far in advance should I look for flights to Fuerteventura?

Since all airlines offer different price ranges per plane, the earlier the cheaper the flight, because the cheapest seats are the ones that are sold first. Last minute offers are rare. In addition, there are also always cheap offers and promotions, for example, “one-day flights” at Condor or Canaries offers from TuiFly.

Can I take my surfboard with me to Fuerteventura?

Of course, you only have to register your board(s) separately as sports luggage with the respective airline. For the transfer from the airport to El Cotillo you need a rental car or a cab, which park directly on site – the shuttle can unfortunately not take surfboards.

At which time of the year or in which month are there cheap flights to Fuerteventura?

The cheapest flights are usually available in the off-season, for example outside school vacations. Tip: Are there school vacations in your state at the time of travel and the flight is expensive? Book the flight from an airport in a federal state where there are no school vacations at the time of travel. With the “Rail und Fly” ticket you can get to the airport cheaply.

Questions about travel documents & entry requirements

Documents, entry requirements, Corona requirements for Fuerteventura?


A valid identity card, a certificate of your health insurance abroad or your European health insurance card and not to forget your booking confirmation with which you confirm your booking on site.


In principle, European citizens can move within the united Europe (Schengen Europe) without restriction. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that there may be different entry requirements for non-Europeans from country to country. In order to avoid unexpected restrictions, we would like to ask you to inform yourself in advance about the currently valid transit and entry regulations of the respective vacation country. 


The entry conditions change depending on the classification as non-risk area, risk area or high risk area. You can find all information about entry on our page https://www.freshsurf.de/corona-fuerteventura.

Questions Arrival at the airport

How is the arrival at the airport? How does it go with the shuttle bus, etc.?

When does the shuttle bus leave?

From Monday to Sunday, the shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport and take you to El Cotillo as soon as you have landed. Back you will be picked up here in El Cotillo (at the Cotillo Beach Hotel) in time, so that you are about 2 hours before departure at the airport. The corresponding times will be communicated to you in time by our cooperation partner.

You can book the shuttle service yourself here:


How much luggage can I take with me to Fuerteventura?

Since the storage space, like on the plane, is also limited in our shuttle bus, we can only take one suitcase OR one travel bag and one piece of hand luggage per guest. With the booking your luggage is not yet insured! To be on the safe side, you should book a travel insurance with us.

Questions About Surf Courses & Surfboards

Own material, BoardRental, Which material do we lend, etc.?

Can I bring my own equipment to Fuerteventura?

You are welcome to bring and use your own equipment. Otherwise our Boardrental starts from 15 Euro per 24 h.

What kind of surfboards can you rent? Longboards, funboards, fish boards?

In addition to beginner boards, we also have longboards, funboards, hybrids and shortboards in our program. Accordingly, you can rent boards according to your taste. If, contrary to expectations, we don’t have it, there are several stores in the vicinity where we will certainly find the right board for you. More about the rental can be found here

What wetsuits are available with you?

We have wetsuits available in every size, whether for men, women or children.

Can I book private coaching or individual lessons with you?

Of course you can also be taught privately by us. We can focus on your strengths and weaknesses – building on the strengths and mitigating the weaknesses.

Can you be sure that you will learn to surf at FreshSurf?

Unfortunately, there is no learning guarantee in surfing in general. Surfing is one of the most difficult sports, which addresses little-used muscle groups and the balance feeling – some stand at the first wave (especially children), for others it may take a little longer. However, what we guarantee you is, besides a lot of motivation to get you on the board, the best possible training by licensed surf instructors, optimal equipment and suitable wind and wave conditions.

Where do your surf lessons take place in Fuerteventura?

All surf courses, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, take place on the beaches and reefs of Fuerteventura. For all surf courses we look for the best possible wave and wind conditions for each day and then decide which spot we will go to. Accordingly, we go every day to the surf spot that is best suited for the surf level of our guests. For the beginners we always start at one of the beautiful beach breaks of Fuerteventura, preferably our house beach in El Cotillo, so that you can start in waist-high water on a sandy bottom safely and in a great beach atmosphere.

Does the surf course take place at a beach break or at a reef break?

It all depends on the surfing level. For safety reasons, our beginner courses take place exclusively on beach breaks. Intermediate and advanced courses are held on beach or reef breaks, depending on the conditions.

What should I bring to the surf course?

Beach stuff: Swimsuit, swimsuit / bikini for under the wetsuit, towel, sunscreen (at least SPF 30), water, a small snack and especially a lot of good humor.

How long does the surf course last?

The surf course lasts about 3.5 hours, including theory, practice time and transfer.

What language do you teach in your surf course?

The surf course is held in German and in English – if you want to work on your Spanish, you can of course ask the coaches for Spanish instructions 😉 We currently have a German surf instructor, all other coaches speak English and Spanish. Furthermore some speak french and italian.

Is the spot transfer included in the price? Is the shuttle to the beach included during the surf course?

All transfers to the surf beach are included in the price.

I have already taken a beginner surf course, what does the advanced surf course include?

We offer different advanced surfing courses:  Intermediate Course as well as Advanced Intermediate Course and Private Coaching for the advanced surfers.

The intermediate course is for surfers who have already completed a beginner surf course and now want to learn how to surf green waves. This course usually takes place on the beach, where some more work is done on the stand-up and paddling technique in white water.

The advanced surf course is for surfers who already surf green waves and want to optimize their techniques and work on their timing and positioning in the water. This course usually takes place on the reef.

Our advanced course is for already good surfers who would like to optimize individual movements (e.g. timing, positioning, certain turns, rail-to-rail surfing, etc.) and receive individual feedback.

Since we only teach in small course supervision (1:5) and can therefore respond individually to our surf students, we discuss – in addition to our surf course program – after the first surfing with our advanced surf students, what they are already good at and what they would like to learn next. This way, each advanced surfer has their own individual lesson plan.

A detailed description of the different surf course levels can be found on our website under surf courses.

When is the best time for a beginner surf course?

Since we go daily to the surf beach that has the best conditions for the surf level of our surf students, every season on Fuerteventura is especially good for starting surfing / surfing.

When is the best time for an advanced surf course?

Since we go daily to the surf beach that has the best conditions for the surf level of our surf students, every season in Fuerteventura is suitable for an advanced surf course. If you have been surfing for a while and want to learn to surf at the reef break (stone reef) during your advanced surf course, the best time is from October to April.

When are the best waves in Fuerteventura?

In principle, there are always good waves on Fuerteventura – that is the advantage of an island. If the swell comes from the north runs the north shore, if it comes from the east the east coast, and so on. There are different spots for each season, which have the best waves. If you want to surf the reefs of Fuerteventura, the best time is from October to April. In summer it is generally a bit smaller.

From what age are children allowed to participate in your surf course?

We teach children from 8 years old. In order to teach children safely, the surf lessons must be prepared much more carefully and more staff is also needed, so we do not give a discount for children.

Is it possible to use the surf equipment outside the surf course hours?

On the day of your surf course you can rent the equipment for free (if available) and go surfing again on your own.

Is it possible to go surfing in El Cotillo or other surf spots on days without a surf course?

Of course, you can rent a surfboard and a wetsuit from our office.

How much does the rental of surf equipment cost and do I have to bring a deposit?

If you are no longer with us in the surf course, the rental of board and suit costs individually 10€ per day and together 15€ per day. Please do not forget to bring us a deposit (ID, driver’s license, etc.), which we will of course return when you return the equipment.

When do the surf courses start?

With your surf course you can start every day. We offer surf lessons every day.

Do I have to take all surf course days in one piece or can I also take a day break?

Of course, you can spread out your surf course days as you wish. Usually we schedule you on consecutive days for the courses – according to the number of course days you have booked. If you would like a different distribution, just let us know and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

Is it possible to spontaneously book additional surf lessons on site?

Of course you can also decide for (more) surf course days on site, if there are still free places in the surf course. Just let us know in time (at least 24h before), usually we still have space for you.

Can I cancel surf course days booked in advance on site?

Already booked and paid surf course days can unfortunately not be canceled on site. If you can not participate in the course on a booked day, we can not refund this course. However, if you let us know the day before, we can try to accommodate you on another day – but we can’t guarantee that.

Do you rent roofracks for transporting surfboards on the roof?

Yes, if you rent a board from us, we can lend you roofracks for a fee of 2€ per day, which can hold up to 6 boards. So you can also transport larger boards comfortably by car.

Do you use environmentally friendly wax?

As ocean fanatics, the environment is very important to us, so we have waxed our boards with GreenFix. This is environmentally friendly wax and consists of 100% natural ingredients. By the way, when renting you get a piece for free.

Can I change/exchange a rented surfboard for another one?

Of course! You can exchange your board for another one at any time. If the conditions change or you realize that the board is just not for you, just check back with us.

What do I do if something breaks on the board and I have a "thing" in the board?

Shit happens, especially when surfing: How quickly a fin breaks off or it finds a small thing on the surfboard. For this we have the shaper of our confidence in the neighboring town of Lajares sit. He repairs the dings in our boards cleanly and to fair conditions. If there is any damage to your rented board, we charge his costs directly to you – without any surcharge. To be sure that you won’t be charged for any damage caused by the previous renter, we will check the board together with you before handing it out – so you can be sure that you will get an intact board.

Questions About Activities in Fuerteventura

Yoga, scuba diving, skating, horseback riding, etc. – here your questions will be answered!

Where does the yoga take place?

The yoga classes take place in the yoga studio of Sea Inside Yoga in Cotillo and are led by a professional yoga instructor. The times are determined on site in consultation with the surf courses, so that you can get both relaxed under one hat. Usually the yoga is in the morning or in the evening. More information about yoga can be found on our website under Yoga.

How much does a yoga session cost?

A yoga class costs 15 euros for 75 minutes. You can book it directly on the Sea Inside Yoga Studio website and get another 10% with the code FRESH22.

What do I need to bring for riding?

Please bring long pants and sturdy shoes, a riding hat will be provided.

Horseback riding – Granja Tara
For one or more rides you can contact directly the horse farm “Granja Tara” and the person in charge, Fanny. You can contact her by Whatsapp on +34607552661 or call her directly to make an appointment. Also from home! Order with pleasure a dear greeting from FreshSurf. Thank you very much!

Where does the horseback riding take place? Are there rides on the beach / sea?

Rides take place above the sea, because unfortunately the horses can not pass the cliff. There are guided tours for beginners as well as long, fast (demanding) rides for advanced riders. More about horseback riding can be found on our horseback riding page: Horseback riding.

Horseback riding – Granja Tara
For one or more rides, you are welcome to contact directly the horse farm “Granja Tara” and the person in charge, Fanny. You can contact her by Whatsapp on +34607552661 or call her directly and make an appointment. Also from home! Order with pleasure a dear greeting from FreshSurf. Thank you very much!

Where does the diving course take place? Where do the dives take place?

Departure is at the diving school of our cooperation partner in Corralejo. From there you will go by inflatable boat to the diving spots in front of the small island Lobos, where there is the most beautiful underwater world in the north of Fuerteventura. More information about how to get to the diving school you will get from us before you start your surf course. More information about diving can be found online on our diving page.

Diving in Fuerteventura
Concerning the diving course you can contact the diving school PUNTA AMANAY DIVE CENTRE in Corralejo directly. Since at the moment there are constantly changes concerning hygiene rules, we would prefer you to do so, as you will get the information first hand!
Address:Calle el Pulpo – ed. Dunas Club
35660 Corralejo
Phone:+ 34 928 535 357Mobile:+ 34 656 447 657