How to recognize a competent surf school?

To find a competent surf school online has become quite difficult due to the numerous surf camps and surf schools with their surf lesson offers. You will mostly have questions that are hard to answer as a beginner surfer who is looking for a good and competent surf school. We try to give you answers to your questions and will show you, what a competent surf school can look like and how to recognize it.

How to recognizw a competent surf school – Table of Contents

kompetente surfschule authentische darstellung

A competent surf school presents itself in an authentic manner

The website of the surfcamp uses authentic pictures and photos of the surf lessons. Magazine photos, only beautiful people and everything is perfect and easy. Everyone surfs a barrel right away and in general everything is beautiful… well, no! What might look awesome on pictures certainly doesn’t present the reality. The surf school might offer an insight into their everyday life in a blog, where you can see current pictures and read about small anecdotes from the surf lessons. That’s how you can get an authentic impression of the conditions at the beach. Because not everyday is perfect even though we would like it to be. But that’s exactly what makes a good surf school, that it responds to the circumstances and makes the best of the prevailing conditions. At the surf lessons Fuerteventura we take photos of your improving surf skills if possible and publish them once a week on our blog.
kompetente surfschule geht auf dich ein

A competent surf school caters to you personally

Before starting your online research, you should think about what you are actually looking for. Do you want to start from scratch with surfing or do you already have some experience? What are your goals for the surf trip? Do you simply want to have a great time in the water or do you want to improve specific facets of your surfing skills? It is important to us to find out beforehand if we are the right surf school for you and which surf lesson on Fuerteventura suits you best. If you are a surf beginner or a surfer with a little experience we can offer you a lot to improve your surfing and would recommend you our surf lessons in small groups. If you already have some more experience and want to work on specific parts like turns, take-off etc., we would recommend you our private surf coaching.
kompetente surfschule gute einführung

A competent surf school will give you a meaningful introduction to the surf lesson

In a professional surf school your surf lesson should start like this: You will receive a friendly welcome at the surf school. You will be asked after possible injuries or physical complaints, to avoid exercises that might hurt you so that no incorrect exercises are performed and you are not exposed to any risks. Then you will probably receive your first theory lesson together with other surf-newbies. In our surf school here on Fuerteventura we introduce you step by step to surfing. We will tell you about surfboards and wetsuits, explain you everything about safety in and out of the water, introduce you to the specific vocabulary of the sport and get you in the mood for what to expect on the first day. If you have already some experience in surfing, we will quickly repeat the most important security aspects, explain you todays surf spot and freshen up on the rules, that should be remembered when you are in the water. It is very important to us in our surf lessons here on Fuerteventura that you take as little risk as possible when surfing. In the following post you can refresh your knowledge of the rules of surfing: #Safety in the Line-Up
kompetente surfschule kleine gruppen

A competent surf school teaches to small groups

You should definitely check, how many surfer students are taught by one teacher, because this is this is the crux of the matter. Officially one surf coach can teach up to eight surf students at the same time. In our surf school here on Fuerteventura one surf coaches teaches a maximum of four to six students.
kompetente surfschule professionelle lehrer

A competent surf school works together with professional surf coaches

An ideal surf school works with experienced, professionally trained surf instructors who have completed training in the field of surfing. There are state training courses, like the Spanish, French or Portuguese training, as well as courses offered by private associations like the ISA. All our surf coaches here on Fuerteventura also have a valid first aid certificate and are trained lifeguards.
kompetente surfschule surflevel

A competent surf school will match your surfing level

It is important to us, that we know exactly where you stand, what you know already and what you want to learn. This is why it is important, that the surf school askes you beforehand about your previous experience. You never surfed before? That’s simple: you are a complete surf-beginner and receive the All-round feel-good package. You have surfed before but find it hard to evaluate yourself? Then explain to us or in your trusted surf school what you have learned in your lasts surf lessons. Describe your abilities and skills, talk about the spot you surfed and try to give as many details as possible. Explain what you can already do well and where you see potential. Depending on your descriptions your experienced surf coach will work with you and match your past successes or difficulties. We tried to define 3 surf levels for different surf lessons, where our guests can evaluate their surf skills. Check it out!
kompetente surfschule richtige surfboards

A competent surf school makes sure you learn to surf on the right surf board

When it comes to choosing a surfboard to start surfing, there is only one answer when recommending a surfboard: a softboard! A softboard is a foam-covered board with soft, flexible fins. These boards have many advantages: It protects yourself and other surfers from injuries. No surfer wants to get hit by a hard board in his face or against any other part of his body. Of course, it looks much cooler, to walk along the beach with a small board under your arm then carrying a big softboard. But the big board offers more floatability due to its bigger volume. Therefore it doesn’t shake as much when lying or standing on it. With time you will notice that you are able to surf smaller boards. And with your increasing skills you will be able to surf smaller and more maneuverable boards or change between various lengths and models depending on the conditions. And always remember: If you want to surf, you have to carry your own board. In our surf lesson on Fuerteventura you can try various surf boards to find out, which model and length suits you best!
kompetente surfschule surfboard

You will learn to surf faster with a softboard and achieve success much quicker. Due to the greater buoyancy, you will glide faster and therefore have more time to practice the take-off. You’ll get more waves and fun is guaranteed.
Here in our surf lesson on Fuerteventura we teach with softboards by the brand Ocean & Earth. The boards are available in different lengths, do match the size and the general fitness of our guests. The boards have a handle inside, that makes transporting them to the beach much easier. Furthermore, every surf student receives a 3/2 wetsuit. That means the wetsuit is 3mm thick at your body, and 2 mm at arms and legs – that way you won’t get cold in the water.

kompetente surfschule surfspots

A good surf school always looks for the most suitable surf spot

At every surf destination there is a variety of alternative surf spots. They usually depend on the local conditions such as the form of the coast, wind and swell. And even if it might be extra work to check various surf spots, every professional surf school should always try to find the most suitable surf spot. Unfortunately us surf schools are sometimes limited by local authorities when choosing our surf spots. Some spots are not allowed for surf lessons. Especially in Spain the choice of surf spots is sometimes very limited. So please don’t be disappointed when we can’t teach you at a famous and great spot. But we are happy to explain you all surf spots here on Fuerteventura or you check in our spot finder for suitable alternatives to the spot you already know from our surf lessons. And then you can go out on your own after the surf class or on a lesson-free day and try out the spot privately. But don’t forget: Safety first!
kompetente surfschule bester surfspot
But please don’t forget as well, that there are always days, when even the best surf spot is not the surf spot of your (and our) dreams. But that’s how it is in surfing: it’s a sport in and with nature. We are dependent on nature and nature tells us what is possible and what not. And that’s exactly what makes surfing so unique – and wouldn’t it be boring if the conditions in our surf lessons here on Fuerteventura would be the same every day?! Once arrived at the spot a professional surf school will always explain you the conditions of the spot. Are there any special features inside or outside of the water that you should take particular care of? How is the current, where are the sandbanks of reefs, what should you keep in mind etc. An introduction to the spot should be done every day. Make sure, that the surf coach includes you in the analysis, so you can learn to evaluate the conditions yourself and can use this knowledge when surfing on your own.
kompetente surfschule warm-up

A competent surf school makes sure to „warm up“ before the surf lesson

Your surf coach should never send you with cold muscles in the water, but warm up and stretch together with you. This can be done in a game, with a short jog or some light, dynamic stretching. Maybe there are even some yoga exercises included in the warm up; at least that’s how we do it in our surf lessons Fuerteventura. Surfing is a demanding sport which uses almost every muscle in your body. You shouldn’t tire yourself out during the warm up, but make sure to not enter the ocean with cold muscles. A warm-up lessens your risk of getting hurt in any case!
kompetente surfschule surftechnik

 A competent surf school explains suitable surf techniques

After completing your warm-up together with the other surf students at the beach and have done the first exercises on land, you will go into the water. There, a professional surf coach shows you how to position yourself on the surf board and how to paddle, so the wave can take you along. Now it’s your turn, to do the first gliding exercises in the white water. Like that you will get a feeling for your surfboard, notice what happens when you switch your weight and put your weight to the front or the back of the surfboard. The surf coach should be watching you from the water or slightly elevated from the beach, to be able to watch all of the surf students. S:he should give feedback and advise you, what you could do better. The more actively a surf instructor responds to you, the better the surf school works and the better success you will achieve on your surf course on Fuerteventura.
kompetente surfschule individuell

A good surf school caters to you individually during the surf lessons

Learning to surf is a game of exercises on land and in the water. A professional surf coach shows you step by step, how to master riding the waves. They should always apply the motto “see, hear and do”. The more a surf instructor responds to you individually and suggests improvements, the more intensive your surfing learning will be. If a surf coach doesn’t care about you or the other students, doesn’t tell you anything and gives you no feedback, s:he is simply not worth your money and you should look for another surf school. Try and talk to the surf coach and ask for individual feedback. Maybe he didn’t realize the necessity to give you feedback already and is happy for you to ask. On the other hand try to not ask for too much. You are in a group and not in a private surf coaching (even though you could book your surf lesson as a private session here on Fuerteventura). You can’t expect a surf coach to see and comment on every single wave of you. Feedback is important, in both directions!
kompetente surfschule fotocoaching

A competent surf school offers you photo or video coaching during the surf lesson

If a surf school takes pictures or videos of your surfing during the lesson, it means that there is a great possibility to analyse your surfing and give you even better feedback. When you see yourself for the first time in pictures or in a video, you can accept tips much faster and develop further easier, because you can see clearly, what you could work on. Of course, you can’t necessarily expect this in a one-day surf lesson on Fuerteventura, unless you book a private surf coaching, where this is included. But in a week-long surf class there should be that option, because no other method is as effective as photo- or video analysis. You can see yourself through the eyes of your surf coach and can understand better, why you receive certain feedback. And at the next day, you can try working on it to improve your surfing.
kompetente surfschule surftheorie

A professional surf school explains the theory behind surfing

Surf theory is a good way to get a holistic impression of surfing. There are many important factors in surfing, that shouldn’t be ignored. Questions like “How do waves emerge?“, „What kind of currents are there?” or “How to tides work?” will automaticly arise. An absolute must is an introduction about safety. A professional surf school should always explain currents and emergency signals before going in the water. Currents can be life-threatening if you are not informed about how to deal with them. Since the surf coaches are watching out for you, there is no need to panic. As long as you follow the surf instructor’s instructions, you should be on the safe side. In our surf school it is important to us as well, that you also get to know some areas besides the usual theory, because we want to prepare you as good as possible to become an independent surfer. That is why we will also explain the material to you, teach you about the rules of surfing and give you some more tips to let you loose on the surfing world with a clear conscience.
kompetente surfschule mitarbeiter

The staff at a competent surf school will also be happy to answer your questions outside of the surf course

You want to learn something and your surf coaches and the staff members at the surf school have this knowledge – a perfect combination. Always ask, if you are unsure about something. If you want to know something, don’t hesitate to ask your surf coaches. If they are not able to answer your questions, they will do some research to answer your questions as quick as possible. There are no stupid questions when learning to surf. All our surf coaches will answer your questions as competently as possible. Just talk to us!
kompetente surfschule buchung

If the surf school of your choice fulfills all the above factors, you can book there without any doubts

How can you find the surf school that suits you best?

Check the homepage in advance and compare different providers. Ask for a few facts by email and make sure that the surf school you have chosen offers what you are looking for. We can assure you that we meet all these criteria here on Fuerteventura and that you are welcome to book a surf lesson Fuerteventura with us. Ask for certain things on site if, for example, you are not given enough feedback, miss individual exercises or want to learn something specific. Ask questions and make demands, because you are also paying for it.
kompetente surfschule kleiner tipp

A little tip and a request at the end

Did you enjoy your surf holiday? Then recommend the surf school to others and spread the word to friends and family! Getting good reviews increases the reputation of a surf school and gives the surf courses a different status! Not only are you doing the surf school a huge favor, but you’re also helping other surfers make their decision. Spread the word!