why beginners should surf on softboards

Have you ever asked yourself what it is like to ride a wave as a beginner? Well, it is exciting but also quite challenging. But no worries, we have the perfect solution for you: the softboard! Yes, you heard correctly! This magical surf board is the best friend of any beginner surfer. It lets you float gently on the waves and ensures that you don’t tumble into the sea like a clumsy penguin. In this article we will show you why the softboard is absolutely unrivalled and why you should definitely surf a softbard as a beginner surfer.

Table of Contents – Why beginners should surf with surfboards

What are the differences between a softboard and a hard board?

In surfing the difference between a softboard and a hardboard is the material of which the surfboard is made from and the and the effects on the riding behaviour and performance of the board. Here are the main differences between these two kind of surf boards.
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The material – but you knew that already, didn’t you?

Softboards, as the name says already, are usually made from soft foam (mostly with an outer layer of smooth plastic) and lighter and more flexible than hardboards.
Hardboards are made of solid materials such as fibreglass or carbon fibre, which are usually reinforced with a hard foam core.
Safety is the number one priority! When surfing it is important to never worry about your bones. The softboard is a kind of superhero among surfboards, especially in that area. It is made of super soft foam, which will protect you from painful collisions with the board or other surfers. No sharp edges or mean corners, that you have to worry about. With a softboard you can concentrate completely on your balance, the take-off on the board and yourself. You don’t have to worry about getting hurt! This is one of the most important reasons, why beginners should surf with a softboard.

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Surfing with a softboard as a beginner provides more stability!

Softboards usually offer greater stability and better flotation due to their softer construction. This makes them a good choice for beginners or for surfing children as they are easier to control and less likely to cause injury. Hardboards tend to be less stable and require a certain amount of experience and skill to master effectively. The softboard therefore offers you a great lift and is as stable as a unicorn on steroids. In the beginning, it is sometimes difficult to keep your balance and not get pushed off the wave like a rabid monkey. But the softboard is here to save you! With its increased buoyancy and larger surface area, you’ll find it much easier to float on the water and look like a surfing champion. Imagine catching the eyes of other surfers as you balance majestically on your softboard. This is the stuff surfers’ dreams are made of! Softboards offer in general a bigger stability and better floatability because of their softer construction.
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More maneuverable and faster or slower and more relaxed – whichever you prefer!

Hardboards on the other hand are known their better maneuverability and their ability to generate speed on the wave. Usually, they are more precise when reacting to the movements of the surfers. They also allow experienced surfers to make tight turns and perform demanding maneuvers. Softboards are usually less agile and won’t go too fast due to their softer material.

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Longevity of softboards

Softboards are known for their longevity. They resist bumps and dents, which is favorable for beginners, who might let their board fall down on the sand or the rocks. As opposed to hardboards which break easier and are more likely to get damaged, softboards keep their form and longevity even when you use them very often. That means that beginner have to care less about possible damages or repairs and concentrate completely on surfing. That makes the softboard a perfect partner for surf novices, because it is tough as nails. It is as robust as a concrete bodybuilder. You can throw it on the sand, push against it or use it as a surfboard-sleigh (not recommended, but, it will survive anyways). Unlike other boards that get dents and cracks, the Softboard stays true to you and is always ready for new adventures. It will stand by your side like a faithful companion on your surfing expeditions.
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Price advantage of softboards over hardboards

Another bonus of softtop surf boards is the budget-friendly price compared to the more expensive hardboards. Softboards are usuallly cheaper, what makes them a great choice fro beginner-surfer who don’t want to pay too much money until they are sure, that they really like surfing. The smaller price enables surf beginners to try surfing and improve their abilities without making a major financial commitment. As beginner you don’t want to spend your whole budget for a surfboard before you know, whether you like surfing or not. No worry, the softboard is here to save your day! It is affordable, so you can try surfing and improve your abilities without robbing the bank. It is a bargain in a surfer’s paradise!
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Softboards are very versatile and can be surfed in various conditions

Softboards are available in many different shapes and sizes, to serve the different conditions and availability of surfers. There are specially designed softboards for greenhorns with additional stability and buoyancy, that help them to improve their surfing. Once beginners have developed their basic knowledge and had their first experiences in surfing, there are advanced softboards available. With these softboards it’s possible to do more advanced maneuvers and ride bigger and steeper waves. That is why softboards are not only suitable for beginners but also for intermediate and advanced surfers. They are like your personal surf coach, who keep you upright, even when you feel like a clumsy baby sea lion. But don’t worry, with time you will become a surf champion and can try surfing on more advanced softboards.
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Easier dealing with mistakes when surfing

What about mistakes? Well, we’re all human and we all make mistakes, especially as beginners. But that’s when the softboard becomes a lifesaver. It’s like the soft cushiony bottom waiting to gently catch you when you get pushed off the wave. It’s like a magical sorrow box that encourages you to try again, even if you feel like a contestant on “Deutschland sucht den Super-Surfer”. With a softboard, you can fall, get back up and carry on as if nothing had happened. It’s like a time machine that catapults you into the future, where you’re an experienced surfer and can laugh about your initial stumbles. Softboards are less reactive than hardboards and allow you to compensate for mistakes and regain your balance more easily. This allows you to recover faster and improve your skills without getting discouraged by frequent falls or frustration.  
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The beginner friendly surface of softboards also forgives mistakes

Let’s talk about the surface, once we are at it. It can be quite slippery when you try to jump on the board. However, the surface of a softboard is often easier to grip than that of a hardboard. That makes it easier for beginners to get up on the boards and offers more stability while surfing. The non-slip nature of the surface gives you an extra level of safety and confidence, as you don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding on the board all the time.

Some more reasons why beginners should surf with softboards!

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a) Family friendly

And here comes the big surprise: softboards are not only there for you, but for the whole family! Yes you heard correctly: it is like a magical surf adventure for the whole family.

The kids will love romping around on the soft foam and you can show them how to surf the waves. It’s like a family outing into the exciting world of surfing. Mum, dad, grandma, grandpa – everyone can join in the fun and create precious memories.

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b) Transportation and storage

Due to their soft and flexible construction softboards are lighter and easier to transport and store. They are often lighter and can be transported in smaller cars. And they can be stored at home or during your Surftrip in a space-saving manner.

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c) Community and support

Softboards are often used by surf coaches and surf schools, to teach surfing to beginners. That means, that there are many resources, tips and support which is especially aimed for softboards. You can easily exchange ideas with other beginners, learn from experienced surfers and take part in surf courses that specialize in softboards.

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Our conclusion, why you should surf with a softboard as a beginner!

Summarizing, a softboard is the ideal choice for beginners who want to learn how to surf. The combination of safety, stability, maneuverability, durability, affordability and versatility makes softboards a great companion for beginners on their surfing journey. With a softboard, beginners can experience surfing in a safe and fun way, building their confidence and gradually improving their skills.
“The surfboard is not just a piece of sports equipment, but a tool of freedom that allows us to dance with the waves and experience the moment in its pure beauty.”
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So, grab your softboard or hire one from us at the surf school on Fuerteventura and let’s rock the waves!

With its unbeatable mix of safety, stability, manoeuvrability, durability and affordable fun, the softboard is the ultimate surfboard for beginners.

It will accompany you on your surfing journey, give you the confidence you need and help you improve your skills step by step. What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of surfing and let the Softboard be your faithful surf buddy!