Horseback Riding on Fuerteventura

Horseback riding for young and old just around the corner 

Galloping over hill and dale – that’s riding on Fuerteventura

Riding along the most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura with your hair blowing and the wind at your back – who doesn’t dream of experiencing that one day? It’s not for nothing that everyone knows the saying: “The happiness of the earth lies on the back of a horse”. You’ll know that this sentence is full of truth as soon as you go for your first ride. Riding allows you to take your mind off stress and everyday worries and “clear your head”.

Riding – a mix of active relaxation and unwinding 

You can choose the speed at which you explore the landscape when horseback riding on Fuerteventura: guided rides, as a hand horse or free, at a flying gallop or at a leisurely walk – there is something for every taste and ability.

Horses are trustworthy and majestic, while ponies are fun and look cute – but they always radiate calm and relaxation. Horse lovers especially appreciate the feeling of having unbridled power under them and knowing that the horse could carry them anywhere.

Riding will change you: Learn to enjoy the freedom and let yourself go when you fully engage with your faithful companion.

Equestrian paradise Fuerteventura – Western-style riding

Fuerteventura is a paradise for horse lovers and equestrian enthusiasts. Horse lovers have the opportunity to ride through the rugged landscape of Fuerteventura or enjoy romantic beach rides. The impressive volcanic landscape changes color depending on the light conditions – a great spectacle that could be straight out of a classic western.

In contrast to this are the secluded white sandy beaches with crystal-clear water, where you can marvel at a beautiful sunset from horseback. With a horse beneath you, you can get to know nature from a different perspective and explore areas that would otherwise remain hidden.

Reiterin mit ihrem Pferd auf Fuerteventura
Ausritt am Strand

Prices for Horseback riding on Fuerteventura

Freedom – would you like to experience exactly this feeling, feel your body intensely and do something for your fitness? Then why not try our horse riding offer here on Fuerteventura. Maybe it’s just the right thing for you. Get back to nature on the back of a horse. Active relaxation in an environment that is made for it.

Making sure no questions remain open about horseback riding on Fuerteventura; you ask – we answer!

What do I need for the horseback riding on Fuerteventura?

All you need for the rides are comfortable long trousers, sturdy shoes, a jacket or sweater and, of course, sunscreen. You don’t need your own riding helmet, which is provided by the riding stables.

How far is the riding center on Fuerteventura away from the surf school?

The riding school is a maximum of 15 minutes’ walk from our surf school in El Cotillo.

What requirements do I need to go horseback riding on Fuerteventura?

With us, everyone can experience the magic of Fuerteventura on horseback. We offer rides for all levels and ages: Whether beginner or advanced, young or old, our groups are always mixed and everyone gets their money’s worth. Beginners are accompanied on a hand horse or by an experienced person on foot. Advanced riders can of course also trot or gallop in suitable places.

Riding on Fuerteventura - aren't the horses just being exploited?

Those who surf love nature. Surfing means being in harmony with nature, and as surfers we feel a special responsibility towards nature. And of course this doesn’t just apply to the ocean, but to the environment and all living creatures as a whole. That’s why we always make sure that our cooperation partners are in harmony with our philosophy.

Our riding stable is not an “ordinary” horse farm, but a non-profit organization that rescues neglected and neglected horses from their emergency situation, lovingly and with great effort gets them used to a normal life again and then slowly integrates them into the riding business. The horses live in large paddocks in herds at the riding stables and care is of course taken to ensure that the animals do not have to go out too often.

You are also very welcome to see for yourself that our horses are doing very well. As soon as you get to know our riding stables, you are guaranteed to want to get on horseback straight away.

Can I also book the rides spontaneously on-site?

Of course, you can also decide on one or more rides here on site. Just let us know in good time at the office, we can usually organize rides for you at short notice (1-2 days in advance).