El Cotillo

The small fishing village of El Cotillo is our home by the sea and soon maybe also yours

Fuerteventura and El Cotillo – “Our Home at the ocean”

FreshSurf is located on the north-west side of the Canary Island ‘Fuerteventura’. In addition to shifting sand dunes in the Northeast, mountain scenery in the centre of the island the rocky western part offers many large sandy beaches. Our ‘El Cotillo’ will enchant you from the first day through its beautiful and unique coastline. The former small fishing village stands for harmony and relaxation. El Cotillo’s coastline is made of steap cliffs, from which ones you can look at the sea 20 meters underneath.

If you follow the coastline further down east you will arrive at the picturesque lagoon beaches that are hugged gently by smaller sand dunes. You can find smaller lagoons separated by rocks, lagoons with fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. They are going to invite you to have a delightful swim and of course sunbathers gonna love them. Even for our youngest guests the beach is ideal as the beach drops flat into the water. You can find us right here!

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Weather and climate in El Cotillo

“Sunshine and happy faces in El Cotillo!” – This is what we would like you to have all year round – day after day. The reality here is as follows: On Fuerteventura the sun shines approximately 3000 hours per year – so an average of eight hours a day. The climate is stable throughout the whole year, resulting in the Canary Islands being nicknamed as “Islands of Eternal Spring” .

So many different surf spots

Surfers might find around the island a paradise for surfing with heaps of surf spots and an incomparable atmosphere between palm trees and the ocean. All year round the surfing spots on Fuerteventuras coastline offer constant swells and hold great waves for every surfing level – if you invest some time into the search for the perfect wave . We would recommend the North Shore, located away from tourist activities, the waves are long and perfect over here and the majority are reef breaks . Moreover, there are long sandy beaches – perfect for beginners (like our home beach in El Cotillo).

The water temperature varies between 18° C in winter and 22° C in summer. The outside temperature in winter is also very high, with an average temperature of 25° C. 


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Dining suggestions for El Cotillo

Cooking for yourself can be delicious and healthy, but there perhaps might be times when you just want to relax and let the kitchen be ‘just another room’! You like the sound of this? Perfect! The restaurants of El Cotillo invite you to sit down for haveing delicious food and drinks. You will find the right place for you even if you are very hungry or just searching for a little snack.

The restaurants and cafes we really recommend are the Ocean Deli, Casa Rustica and the El Goloso. You need more ideas and suggestions? Have a look into our restaurant guide! We have tasted various menus for you and we wish you “Guten Appetit”! Enjoy your meal!

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Active relaxation on Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura has so much more to offer besides surfing or watersports. We offer a variety of sports and leisure activities. Besides surfing you have many options. Some are active, others more passive – but your well-being and that of your fellow travelers will always be in the center of attention. We only work with partners or people that we know for some time and where we are enthusiastic regarding the quality and the service they offer.

You can actively have fun by joining yoga, diving, kite surfing, island exploring tours, snorkelling or longboarding. Of course these are not all the possibilities of leisure activities Fuerteventura offers. We are happy to assist you by organizing any activity for you and fulfill your desires . We will provide information on a variety of options for you, give you tips for hiking or recommendations for a day trip. Please feel free to see us in the surf school office.

Have a look around – enjoy the variety of activities that FreshSurf offers.

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Vacation in El Cotillo stands for …

Relaxing and calming down – a good way to describe your time in El Cotillo. In addition to recreational activities everyone will find the opportunity to enjoy doing nothing and to fully recharge his batteries. Even after you first night you will begin to forget stress and problems and give your body and mind rest and relaxation. And here you are going to find us:

When can I start my holidays with you?

With us you can arrive every day . In our surf house you can check in from 12 o’clock. Please let us know your time of arrival time and flight number in advance so we can arrange the check-in and plan your activities.


How long does is take from the airport to El Cotillo?

Cotillo is 40 km away from the airport. It takes approximately 45 min. by car or tax .; the airport shuttle bus needs a little longer, it takes between 1.5 and 2 hours (in extreme cases, sometimes even longer!)

Is there a supermarket in El Cotillo?

Cotillo currently has 3 supermarkets. One is directly at the entrance of El Cotillo (open from Monday – Sunday from 9:00 to 21:00), a smaller super market is located in the middle of the village (open Mon – Sun. 9:00 to 22:00) and the third one is to be found at the other side of Cotillo, close to the lagoon beaches (open from Mon. – Sun. 9:00 to 22:00).



Would you recommend a rental car?

In order to discover the island we absolutely recomment a rental car. This is for sure the most pleasant way to explore the island. Fuerteventura has some natural treasures, which are most easily accessible by car.