Surf lessons on Fuerteventura

Learn to surf on Fuerteventura with surf lessons by FreshSurf

Surf lessons on Fuerteventura 

Do you want to learn the „kings sport” in the Hawaii of Europe, on Fuerteventura? Do you want to surf on a dreamlike beach? With surf coaches who are passionate about their sport? Then you are at the right place with us at FreshSurf.


Which surf classes do we offer?

Different surf class variations, depending on level and group size

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Introduction to surfing

With this surf class for beginner you will get a first insight into surfing. You are with us 3-4 hours on one of Fuerteventura’s most beautiful beaches of and will collect your first experiences in the waves of the atlantic ocean. And during that we will always be at your side!

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Surf lessons for beginners

Our beginner surf class takes 2-5 days where you learn everything to continue practicing independently afterwards. You practice under the guidance of our experienced surf coaches, to surf your first wave standing soon! You will definitely have a lot of fun and success!

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Surf lessons for Intermediates

If you already have some experience in surfing and want to improve your abilities, you are in good hand with us as an intermediate surfer. In our advanced classes we build on your previous experiences & knowledge and put the finishing touches to your surfing.

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Private surf coaching

If you prefer to have a surf coach all for yourself and don’t want to learn to surf in a group or you want to practice certain aspects of your surfing, then our private coaching is what you are looking for! Our surf coaches take time just for you!

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Surf lessons for kids

Our surf coaches have an especially big heart for our young guests. We are always happy to see “little ones“ in our lessons and teach them to surf in a playful way. Your kids will talk about this for a long time!

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Family surf lesson

Our familiy surf class is directed to families who would like to discover (or improve their) surfing together during their holiday. You are the center of our surf class. One of our surf coaches will take care of all of you!

Prices for our surf lessons on Fuerteventura

We guarantee you an unforgettable experiecne and an amazing time

Features surf lessons on Fuerteventura

What makes our surf lessons speacial and what is included in the price?


Class duration: 3 to 4 h

The duration depends on how much energy you have and how long we have to look for the perfect surfspot!

Kleine Gruppen

Surfing in small groups

We teach in very small gropus: 1 surf coach per 4-5 students. You can learn quicker and receive more individual feedback.

Spottransfer von der Surfschule zum Strand

Transportation to the surfspot

We drive you to the surfspot that is most suitable for the lesson: depending on weather wind and the waves.


Theory and practice

Our surf lessons are logically structured and we prepare you as best as possible to surf independently. In our theory loung in our office, we have prepared all the necessary backround knowledge for you!

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During the surf lessons you are insured by us. In case of personal injury or property damage to others caused by you, our insurance will take effect.



All material is included: You will get everything you need to surf from us: surf board, wetsuit, lycra, leash, wax etc. Pleas bring a towel, dry clothes and something to drink.

Who can participate in our surf lessons on Fuerteventura?

For which age, surf or fitness level are our surf lessons on Fuerteventura suitable?

It doesn’t matter which age, which fitness level or which previous knowledge or experience – our team of qualified, licensed and motivated surf coaches will support you in your learning progress. With fun and patience, while focusing on your safety we will get you on the surf board. Whether beginner or advanced surf class, we will get you from the white-water wave into the green wave.

How is the surf lesson on Fuerteventura structured?

Surf lesson Fuerteventura: How is a lesson structured?

1. Surf lesson start in our surf school

surf theory

Whether it’s the Introductory Surfing Lesson, Beginner or Intermediate Class – the starting point is always in our surf school in El Cotillo. We start with a theoretical introduction about safety or with some other theory lesson which suits your surf level. Afterwards we stock the busses with wetsuits, boards, lycras and leashed. And then we drive you to the best surf spot of the day for your level.

2. Introduction to the surf spot and Warm-Up

surfkurs fuerteventura surf theorie

At the surf spot we start the practical part of our surf lesson with a warm-up and some exercises about the right board technique. Then we will enter the waves. Here we teach you how to surf in small steps or build up on your individual surf level.

3. Off into the water with the right exercises

Surf lessons at the beach

surfkurs fuerteventura am strand

With Beginners we start with Boardhandling (carrying the board, cross waves, turn around, lying on the board), the right position on the board, the paddling and gliding of a wave in the white-water. Afterwards we will start working on the Take-off, to get up on the board.

With advanced beginners with previous knowledge we check the take-off together and steady it through individual feedback, exercises and tips by our surf coaches. Step by step you will learn how to surf waves frontside and backside (do small turns with the surfboard), how to slow down and how to gain speed. We paddle into the line-up with you, explain the techniques to cross a wave, how to sit on the surfboard and how to turn it around.

Surf lesson at the reef

surfkurs fuerteventura am riff

When you feel secure surfing on the beach we will take you to the reef. This surf spot is perfect for beginners to improve their techniques and knowledge. You will work on your paddle power and consolidate your take-off in green waves. Afterwards you start to learn how you gain speed and surf turns (bottom turn, cut back, top turn), etc.

4. Surf theory after the surf lesson in our surf school

When we are back in the surf school there will be another small theoretical part about different topics. For example board techniques, tides, wave development, currents, surf material, maneuvers, right of way, behavior in the water, etc. These topics are logically structured and you will receive the knowledge you need to go surfing on your own very soon.

Where do our surf lessons take place?

Different surf spots on Fuerteventura offer various possibilities

When does the surf lesson take place?

The time for the surf lesson Fuerteventura is depending on the season, the time of day and conditions


Surf lessons Fuerteventura in spring, summer autumn and winter

You can surf with us on Fuerteventura all year long. The temperatures are almost always warm or even very warm in summer. Mild water temperatures invite you to jump into the ocean. You will always find a wave to surf we offer surf lessons everyday. With our knowledge of the island we will the right wave for you every day.

Do the surf lessons take place in the morning or in the afternoon?

The surf lesson Fuerteventura always takes place at the best possible time of day. Our beginner surf lessons take place around low tide, that is 3h before until 3h afterwards. The surf lessons for advanced beginners and intermediates around high tide, that is 3h before or after. Depending on surf spot, wind and weather conditions we plan the surf lesson times about a week in advance but will change them if necessary

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When is the best time for surf lessons for beginners?

All year around there are solid conditions for beginners on Fuerteventura. Wether it’s during the trade winds in summer, Calima, the hot desert wind, or big winter waves, we get into the water with you any day. Especially in the north of Fuerteventura we have various surf spots, beaches and therefore many waves to choose from.

When is the best time for intermediate surf lessons?

You want to surf as clean and defined waves as possible? The best time to surf those waves on Fuerteventura is from september until end of april. You will find the more windstill months in autumn and winter.

Our guest reviews

These are the reviews of our surf lessons Fuerteventura

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I learned to surf in the surf lessons Fuerteventura! The great theory class prepared me very well for my first surfing attempts and I am very happy to have chosen FreshSurf as surf school! See you soon in the waves!

Questions and answers about the surf lessons on Fuerteventura

Surf lessons Fuerteventura

When can I start my surf lesson on Fuerteventura?

At FreshSurf you can start every day from Monday to Saturday with your surf lessons. We start every day for our „newbies“ with a theoretical lesson of 30 minutes on safety.

Which is the best place for surf lessons in Fuerteventura?

El Cotillo is the best place to learn to surf all year around for beginner surfers. But we also drive to the beaches around Corralejo if it should be too big in El Cotillo.

For our beginners and intermediates the North Shore of Fuerteventura is „the place to be“

Does the surf lesson take place at a beach or a reef break?

That depends on your surf level. Because of our safety measures the beginner lessons take place at beach breaks. Our lessons for intermediate and advanced surfers take place on beach or reef breaks depending on the conditions.

Which language is spoken in your surf lessons?

The surf lessons are hold in english or german. Those who want to work on their Spanish can also ask our coaches for instructions in spanish 😉 We currently have one german surf coach, all other coaches speak english and spanish. And some also italian.

From which age can children participate in your surf lessons?

We teach children from 8 years. To make sure we can teach them in a safe manner, we have to prepare the surf classes even more careful. Furthermore more staff is needed, which is why we cannot offer a discount for children.

Is it possible to use the surf equipment outside the surf lesson hours?

On the day of your surf course, you can rent the equipment from us for free (if available) and go surfing again on your own.

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