one day in a surf class on Fuerteventura

Surfing – it looks sooooo cool and casual. Paddle up to the wave, take off and you’re surfing the wave. It’s really easy, isn’t it? But it’s not quite that simple and it takes a lot of knowledge, practice, patience, perseverance and of course a lot of fun to rock the waves.

But don’t worry, that’s exactly what FreshSurf is here for! Even without any previous knowledge or surfing experience, you can learn to (love) surfing with us. We’ll take you with us and show you what a day in a surf class on Fuerteventura looks like.

Overview – A day in a surf class on Fuerteventura 

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A day in a surf class starts – mornings in the FreshSurf office

From tired little eyes to a beaming grin, everything is there when your day in a surf class starts at in the morning at the FreshSurf office. But getting up early is definitely worth it, because our surf coaches look for the best surfing conditions for you.

Safety first” is the motto. The open sea can be dangerous, and we want every surf course participant to feel comfortable in the water and know how to deal with unexpected situations. Therefore, the first item on the agenda is a theoretical briefing.

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A day in a surf class – surf theory before hitting the waves

  • What is part of the equipment?
  • How do I transport my board?
  • How do I behave in the water?
  • A wave breaks right in front of me, what do I do?

All these and other questions will be answered so that you feel safe and comfortable in the water later on.

After the theory at the latest, even the previously tired eyes will open, because now it’s time for the surfboards and wetsuits. The surf coaches select the right equipment for everyone. And once you have your leash, surfboard, lycra and wetsuit together, everything is packed into the vans and off you go!

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A day in a surf class – roadtrip to the beach

Wave Check

On the way to the spot, everyone gets a little wake-up call. With the right music, a day on the surf course can also be a fun road trip. Once you arrive at your destination, the coaches first check the situation. If the surfing conditions are not right for you beginners, the road trip continues a little further. Once you arrive at the final spot, the most important things will be explained to you.

  • How do the waves behave?
  • Are there strong currents to watch out for?
  • Which area should we stay in?
  • How do I react in emergency situations?
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A day in a surf class – Warm-up at the beach

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In an ideal world you would run into the waves like the did in Baywatch right away. However, the warm-up is one of the most important steps and should not be neglected. Surfing uses completely new muscle groups and involves many unfamiliar movements. But don’t worry, after a strenuous day of surfing you will definitely feel the sore muscles.

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The coaches will first show you how to stretch properly and prepare your body in the best possible way. Once your shoulders, knees, hips and whole body are warm, you will then practise your take-off and paddling technique on land. Here you can practise everything in peace, improve your technique and internalise the movements before you plunge into the waves.

A day in a surf class – off into the waves!

Once the leash is securely attached to your leg and you have the surfboard firmly under your arm, it’s time to enter the white water. Here you learn to find the right position lying on the surfboard. In the already broken waves, you will learn how to paddle, plan and surf the wave lying down.

Very important: look forwards, backwards, right and left. Paying attention to the other surfers is incredibly important to avoid getting in each other’s way and everyone can enjoy their wave to the fullest. For the first few attempts, you will only be bodyboarding, i.e. surfing without standing up. This will give you a feel for your board, where you need to position yourself on the board and how you can control it.

If you manage this without any problems, the first take-off attempts will begin. You will soon realise that the whole thing is a little more difficult than you thought. But as soon as you make it and surf your very first wave, the joy is all the greater.

The surf instructors keep a constant eye on you, give you suggestions for improvement and are on hand with help and advice. With so much fun in the water, time will fly by and sooner or later your coaches will give you the signal: “Last wave for today“. Then it’s time to catch a wave and enjoy. Once you have finished changing and all the surfing equipment is back in the vans, you can drop into the car with your last ounce of strength, but more than happy.

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A day in a surf class – after the surf 

…is before the theory session!

A day in a surf class is almost over, but only almost! Once back at the office, the boards are tidied up, neos are hung up to dry and then you can spread out on the couch and relax. The last step of our surf course is another theory session. And no, it’s definitely not boring! Balance and a safe take-off are of course important, but it’s just as important to understand how to read a surf forecast, which right of way rules apply, which board is right for you and so on and so forth… the list is long and incredibly exciting. After you’ve soaked up the last bit of information, the exhausting but wonderful day on the surf course unfortunately comes to an end.

Whether you go back to the beach and enjoy the sun, eat a few tapas or enjoy a refreshing Aperol Spritz at the old harbour is entirely up to you. If the surf class starts at 8am, perhaps an afternoon nap on the beach is just the thing.

Long story short: we look forward to seeing you and your beaming faces after your first surf lesson!

Away from the mainland – into the waves