surfing on land - bring the surf feeling home

You are back in cold and rainy northern europe and can’t wait to go back surfing? Then we got some tips for you, how to get the surf feeling not only in the water but also on dry land. Bring the surf flow home!

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surfen an land - surfgefühl

What is the surf feeling?

Everyone, who has had a surfboard under his feet, knows this feeling. And it still feels different for every person and is really difficult to describe… But surfing in the ocean is an experience that we highly recommend to everyone. Being one with nature and the wave of the ocean. For many, surfing feels like freedom. With every ride on a wave your body produces adrenalin, which makes your heart beat faster. Being connected to nature and master the wave in that exact moment is an indescribable feeling. This moment on the wave only belongs to you and you are completely focused on yourself and nature, nothing else. For many surfers, riding waves is the best way to relax and release stress.

You want that, too, but the ocean with its waves is too far away? Let us show you some possibilities, how you can bring the surf feeling back home with you.

surfen an land - longboarding

Surfing on land and in the water

Of course, nothing is better than surfing on a wave in the ocean, but there are a few things that get quite close. One of the most obvious options is the skateboard. But which one?

Surfing on land – Skating

In our opinion there are two kinds of skate boards, that are very similar to surfing. On the one side the long board and on the other side the surf skate.
But what is the difference?

The longboard is a kind of skateboard that differs from the “normal” skateboard primarily in terms of its shape, size and intended use. The typical length of the longboard is between 90 and 150 centimeters. There are many different shapes, but it is usually tapered at the ends to allow better maneuverability and speed control. The rolls of a longboard are bigger than the ones of a normal skateboard. Like that it allows rides on rough roads. It is usually used for cruising, free riding and long distance rides. The flexibility of the board offers a high similarity to long boarding in surfing. The longboard offers people from every age the possibility to be active in their freetime and get close to the feeling surfing.

surfen an land - surfskating

The surfskate was especially designed to bring the surf feeling on land. It combines the elements of surfing and skating. The specially developed joint allows you to practise pumping and carving by shifting your weight, just like when surfing. Just like surfing, street surfing generates speed. You can get a surf skate in a wide variety of shapes, most of which are shaped like a small surfboard. The wheels are slightly softer than other surfboard wheels. As a result, they offer more grip, better control and support in tight bends. The surfskate not only offers you entertainment in your free time, it is also ideal for improving your surfing skills. To get even more of a surfing feeling, we recommend trying out the surfskate in a skate bowl.

surfen an land - snowboarding

Surfing on land – Snowboarding

If the road doesn’t appeal to you, you can also let off steam in the snow in the mountains during the winter season. Snowboarding will give you the same flow experience like surfing. In both sports you train your balance and body control. Exactly as in surfing, you move in nature and can experience a similar feeling of freedom and adrenaline. That’s what makes snowboarding another alternative to experience the surf feeling on land. The only obstacle are certainly the travel into the mountains and the dependence of the weather. And once you are on the board in the snow, the carving manoeuvring movements are very similar to surfing.

surfen zuhause - balance board

Surfing on land – Balance Board

When you want to experience the surf feeling right at home in your living room or garden, we recommend you a balance board. With a balance board you practice balance, coordination and stability. There are various exercises, that can help you as a surfer to prepare for surfing in the water. But beside training, fun is just as important when practicing on a balance board. On a balance board everyone can do the exercises according to his or her own abilities and preferences.
surfen an land - stehende welle münchen

Surfing in the water – Standing wave

All the above mentioned alternatives seem more or less fine, but you can’t wait to get back into the water? So maybe surfing on a standing or artificial wave is what you are looking for. By now there are many wavepools with standing or artificial waves all over Europe, for example in Berlin, Alaia Bay or for example in Bristol. In some cities, like Hanover and Nuremberg standing waves were installed in rivers, to surf under the open sky.

surfen im wasser - wakesurfing

Surfing in the water – Wakesurfing

Another possibiltiy to ride a wave far away from the ocean is wake surfing. You will surf a wave that is generated by a boat. Unlike wakeboarding, you are not connected to the boat with a leash when wakesurfing. You surf the wave that pulls the boat behind you. By now there are different providers in Europe, that offer wakesurfing on rivers and lakes. Maybe there is something like that close to you?

As you see, there are many possibilities to surf as a landlocked surfer far away from the ocean not only on land but also in the water. Just have a look what suits you best, try something new and have fun!

[Surfing] is like the mafia. Once you’re in – you’re in. There’s no getting out.

Kelly Slater