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 Dive into a dream world, surrounded by the ocean and let the fascination of the underwater world affect you.  In the deepness of the sea you can forget the everyday life and be devoted to another living environment. Shoals swimming next to you and you can enjoy the floating feeling and the lightness in the water.  In the ocean of Fuerteventura you dive along steep faces and reef flats thereby you can observe the sea dweller in their shiny colors. 
To experience the sea as a natural environment and exotic world and to share this fascination as a group adventure is a feeling, you rarely come to known on the land.
Deep blue and turquoise water, huge shoals and beautiful underwater landscape: at Fuerteventura you can find a fascinating undersea world. 
At the Canary Islands you could see big fishes already by shallow dives and come to known a new world with goliath groupers, Baracudas, Anglefishes, rays, parrot fishes and many small animals like sea horses, colored sponges and sea anemones . The inhabitants of the sea move in an awesome world of volcano rocks and canyons. At some diving places, you will need some adventuresomeness.

In El Cotillo, you also have the opportunity to dive into the deepness of the sea. Freshsurf cooperates with the dive school Punta Amanay, which present you the sea from another perspective.