Just a few days left to the fiesta del buen viaje in El Cotillo. The “senora del buen viaje” was the patroness of the chapel in El cotillo, which exists since the 18th century. Every year the inhabitants of the fishing village celebrate a festival for two weeks (14.-24.8.), to honor the senora del buen viaje. Everyone is ready to celebrate.

El Cotillo – normally a quiet place – is brimful of life and the Spanish charm. The festival is spread from the old harbour to the beach. There is a lot of food, sangria and all the traditional stuff. Live music and many other great attractions.

It is a good chance for tourists to get to know the town better because it isn’t an attraction made for the tourists. It is an old tradition from the inhabitants.

Of course our surf students are welcome here. The highlight is on the last weekend: a huge foam party on the old harbour. Our team will be definitely be there. So here we go: vamos a la playa y despues a la fiesta !