After my apprenticeship in hotel management and some travellig I started my language studies in Cologne, Germany. And now I’m spending  one semester abroad on Fuerteventura. Why Freshsurf? I used to be a guest at several surf camps myself and every single time I thought:  „I want to work at a surfcamp one day!“

So now I’m here, learning how a surf school operates. Today‘s my first day at work and I’m already thrilled by El Cotillo and it’s people. The clocks seems to run backwards here and everybody is veeery relaxed. I’ll be here to escape the German winter (yay!) from September 2014 until Feburary 2015. During these six months I’m going to support the team in the office and the surfhouse and on the side I’d like to improve my surfing and Spanish skills 😉

I love travelling, jogging, nature, yoga, skateboarding, surfing, music and hanging out with awesome people. Sounds like FreshSurf, doesn’t it? I’m looking forward to a great time with lovely colleagues and you guys as guests!