A small surfer makes big waves from ABC Open on Vimeo.

Quincy Symonds is the best 6 year old surfer world wide. About 18 months ago she stood on the board the first time and within an incredible short time she showed her talent in surfing. She got the attention oft he surf world, the sponsors and became famous through the internet.
It is a difficult situation for her and her family. Not long after she was born, the get diagnosted with a difficult genetic disorder. Quincy’s condition means she is steroid dependent, at this age it requires medication three times a day. In spite of her illness she doesn’t let her go down. Her parents support her in every situation, her father, who is also a passionate surfer, trys to be in the water with his daughter as often as possible. Security is top priority. When there are bigger waves, she wears a custom made buoyancy vest and she is never alone in the water. If there are no waves, she will stand on the skate board. Her dream is to be pro surfer.