surfing on the canaries

Surfing on the Canary Islands – Find out why you should consider on of the islands for your next surftrip in Europe!

The Canary Islands are generally a very popular travel destination for Europeans. Especially Surfers like the islands as there are suitable spots for both kitesurfers and surfers. The wind, the water temperature, the variety of the spots, the good infrastructure, the beautiful landscape and the surf culture invite to linger and enjoy.

But which island of the archipelago is the right one for your Surftrip?

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Surfing on the Canary Islands – Fuerteventura

Us from FreshSurf prefer – of course – our beautiful Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura is one of the bigger islands of the archipelago. This island offers constant trade winds, which offers wind surfers and sailors on the water a constant and strong breeze from north-east. Fuerteventura also offers a variety of spots for every level and every sort of surfing. The water temperatures on the Canary Islands are pleasantly warm all year round, so you won’t need a thick wetsuit. Fuerteventura is one of the few islands where the surf culture is very much alive.

Here, life revolves around the conditions of the surf. Many know Fuerteventura also as the Island of the Canaries that looks like the moon. But it offers so much more: dunes that stretch over many kilometers, volcanoes and coastlines, that remind you of England and Scotland. With this beautiful landscape and its typical surfer culture Fuerteventura is a hotspot for watersport fans. Additionally, there are big international sport events happening on Fuerteventura, like the world championships in wind surfing and kite surfing.

So, whether you are an experienced surfer or a surf beginner you will always find a surf spot that suits you and your surf level. And with it comes the surf vibe, which welcomes you with open arms and casts a spell on you.

Kanaren Lanazrote

Surfing on the Canaries – Lanzarote

Our neighboring island has become the second surfer’s paradise of the Canary Islands in the past years. Back in the days the island was only known to professionals, but today Lanzarote offers, apart from a wonderful lava landscape, many spots to learn to surf. But in contrast to Fuerteventura most of the surf spots on Lanzarote are still considered more suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers.
If you want to surf on Lanzarote it’s mainly about riding waves, since there is mostly not enough wind for kite or wind surfing. Every year the internatinal surf Event „Quemao Class“ happens in Lanzarote (La Santa). 32 surfers and bodyboarders, chosen by the event organizors, show their surfing skills in the steep wave.

If you want to do a surf trip to Lanzarote it’s best if you have already been on a surf board before or go and visit one of the few surf camps in the north of the island.

Kanaren Teneriffa

Surfing on the Canary Islands – Tenerife

No question, Tenerife, the biggest island of the Canaries, offers a lot. The most imposant landmark is of course Teide, the highest mountain of spain, who attracts with its unique landscape to hike and explore the higher altitudes.

But is it also possible to surf on Tenerife? Yes, there are many spots on Tenerife where you can jump in the water and catch a wave or two. You won’t find long sand beaches like on Fuerteventrua, but the spots on the biggest island of the archipelago have waves for every level. Protected by the Teide from the wind many spots offer glassy waves all year round. Tenerife is not the typical surfer island, but also offers a variety of activities for every taste. If you are looking for a place for a group or a family with different ideas and wishes, you will find something for everyone on Tenerife.

Kanaren Gran Canaria

Surfing on the Canary Islands – Gran Canaria

If you do a surf trip to Gran Canaria, you will get to know the Canaries from a whole different side. Gran Canaria will spoil you with diverse nature (mountains, forests, beaches and cliffs) and good waves all year round. Thanks to the round shape of the island, you will always find a spot to surf. There are various spots for every level of surfing.

And although Gran Canaria offers good conditions for kite surfers, this sport is not very popular yet. During the past years the surf tourism industry grew a lot and you will find many surf schools to take classes or rent materials from. So if you are planning to travel with your family or groups with different interests, Gran Canaria is the island you are looking for.

Kanaren La Gomera

Surfing on the Canary Islands – La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma

The smaller islands of the Canarian archipelago La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma are less known for surfers. These islands have mostly steep coastlines, which makes the entrance into the water a quite tricky or even impossible. And since there is no surf rental available you have to bring your own equipment. We would not advise you to plan a surf trip to La Gomera, El Hierro or La Palma and only go surfing if you know exactly what you are doing or have an experienced guide at your side. So rather go and enjoy the beautiful landscape, swim in the crystal blue sea, climb the volcanoes or go for a hike in the rainforest to cool off a bit.

Conclusion – Surfing on the Canary Islands

Our conclusion: We love Fuerteventura, since you find a spot at every time of the year which suits your level. Whether you are kitesurfer, surfer or windsurfer, everyone will find something for its taste. If you prefer greener islands and want to hike through forests instead of surfing, we would recommend you to visit Gran Canaria, Tenerife or La Gomera. And no matter which Canary Island you decide to visit; the warm weather and the sunshine all year round, will make you smile for sure!

We love surfing on the Canary Islands!