Want to complete your cultural education on all things surf? Have a great Sunday and enjoy watching!


1. Bustin’ Down the Door

During the winter of 1975 in Hawaii, surfing was shaken to its core. A group of young surfers from Australia and South Africa sacrificed everything and put it all on the line to create a sport, a culture, and an industry that today is worth billions of dollars and has captured the imagination of the world. With a radical new approach and a brash colonial attitude, these surfers crashed headlong into a culture that was not ready for revolution.

2. Lost Atlas

Kai Neville’s follow-up film to his high-performance statement Modern Collective. Lost Atlas, however, finds a filmmaker suddenly able to express his intention without any technical limitations. Dusty Payne’s sequence is still regarded by many as the best in a surf film for a long time.

3. Riding Giants

Stacey Peralta, the one-time skate-superstar-turned-celebrated-filmmaker (Dogtown and Z-Boys), narrates and directs this documentary about the rise of big-wave surfing. Stacey doesn’t do anything by halves. Riding Giants is as compelling as it is important as a document of an often-misunderstood art.

4. Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is a surf movie with a new angle. For the last two years Jack McCoy follows the lives of current world surfing champion Andy Irons and ‘soul surfer’ Dave ‘Rasta’ Rastovich. The movie looks at cultural differences between the worlds of competition surfing and free surfing. The film has a backdrop of the history of surfing, as well as, visiting some amazing surf locations around the globe. A sponsor-funded film from 2003 that was meant to show the lifestyle differences of the free surfer (Dave Rastovich) and the competitive animal (Andy Irons) ended up becoming a stunning account of winning and losing at the highest level. “I just want to crush Kelly’s pretty picture,” says Andy Irons. The filmmaker Jack McCoy later captured Slater weeping in the shower after a crushing world title defeat against Andy at Pipeline.

5. Kerrazy Kronicles – Josh Kerrs Full Movie!

JOSH KERR has had a busy 12 months. In the last 12 months he has travelled the globe filming for his debut profile movie “THE KERRAZY KRONICLES” and he also qualified for the WCT. A very busy year indeed and a year some have called a career highlight year for any professional surfer.