Our Surfschool

Find our what to expect from us in our surfschool on Fuerteventura!

FreshSurf Surfschool

What makes our small surf company so unique

surfschule freshsurf auf fuerteventura

Excitement, enthusiasm and passion for surfing

Find out what our surf school stands for and which values we teach. What is important to us and why are we the best surf school to teach you how to surf? Why should you learn to surf with our surf school? Which material do you need for surfing? Which dangers & risks come with surfing? You will find the answer to these and many more questions!

Learn to surf with us – in our surfschool on Fuereteventura

Get to know us better and find out why we are the best surfschool for you! We look forward to meeting you soon!

Surfkurse in der Surfschule

We’ll get you safely onto the surfboard. Surfing with a guaranteed fun factor.

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Professional surf lessons for every age and every surf level

Experience what makes our surf lessons so unique. What is our surf lesson-strategy, how do theory and practice compliment each other and what can you expect from our surf lesson in our Surfschool. How do you find the surf lesson that suits you best and which are the values we want to teach?

Surfing in small groups – motivated, individual and empathetic!

You will be instructed by professional surf coaches. We teach in small groups which makes fast progress and individual feedback possible. Our surf coaches will take their time for you, so you can learn to surf in your own pace and rhythm.

Surf lessons for children in our Surfschool 

What makes our surf lessons for children special?

surfschule  surfkurse kinder

Learn to surf on the fast lane – our little ones are the greatest

Find out what our surf courses for children are all about. Where do we focus on when surfing with children? How is it possible to learn to surf in a playful manner? With empathy, small steps and a lot of laughter. We teach surfing to our youngsters in a playful way in our Surfschool.

Learn to surf with other children – in our kids lessons

Children are with us in good hands and learn to surf in safe conditions and with a focus on safety. The methodology and didactics are specially tailored to the needs of your children.

Surf level in our Surfschool

We offer surf lessons for every level.

surfschule surflevel surfkurse

Beginner, not-the-first-surflesson-but-still-kind-of-beginner or surfer with previous experience?

It doesn’t matter which level you have – from total beginner to experienced in the sport of the kings. We are happy about everyone who wants to learn to surf or improve their surfing together with us. Which lesson is the right one for me? What experiences do I need? You will find all the answers here.

Tailored coachings for all surf enthusiasts!

You are looking for a surf training that is especially tailored to you and your needs? You are looking for a video coaching to reveal your mistakes and an individual training plan? You’ll find all this and so much more in our Surfschool on Fuerteventura.

Why should I take surf lessons?

Technique, background in theory & practice, motivation and a lot of fun!

surfschule warum surfkurs machen

Teach surfing to yourself or rather take a class?

Why spend money on something, that you could teach yourself, right? Well, it might work, but it is way easier to learn surfing from professionals in a Surfschool. Meet like-minded people, laugh and have fun; how does that sound to you?

Learn to surf without having to worry too much

Best surf spot, best material, the right theory and fast progress in surfing – these are just some of the advantages of learning to surf in a professional Surfschool.

Learn to surf in our Surfschool

Learn to surf – this is how it will work for sure

surfschule surfen lernen

All you need to know about surfing – the Guide for beginner surfer

Where, how, what, why – learning to surf made easy. Here you can find out everything you need to know about learning to surf. Whether on your own or in a surf school, this page will help you learn our beloved water sport and answer many of your questions. Choose a topic that interests you and have fun.

Prepare your surfholiday, surf training at home or motivation

You’ll find lots of topics relating to surf training, the right diet, surfing on dry land and tips and tricks for your career as a surfer here!

Common mistakes when learning to surf 

What can go wrong when learning to surf?

surfschule fehler beim surfen lernen

Learning to surf means making mistakes

Good if you’ve already heard about all the things you can do wrong when learning to surf. From the correct handling of the surfboard, the leash and your wetsuit to the right surfboard. Here you’ll learn a lot of things you can do right from the start.

Avoiding mistakes means minimising risk
If you remember to protect your head, you might learn to surf without any injuries. You can find this and other tips under the following link.


Our favorite topic from A to Z

surfschule surfen

Vocabulary, history and surfing at FrehSurf

The ABC of surfing summarised for you on one page. Get to know and love the many facets of this brilliant water sport. Learn a lot about surfing.

Surfin on Fuerteventura and where exactly?

Information about surf spots on Fuerteventura, great tips for amazing waves and the right time of year for surfing on this Canary Island.

Safety in surfing

Surfing with little risk – what you should keep in mind!

surfschule sicherheit beim surfen

What should be kept in mind when surfing?

In addition to the dangers posed by your own surfboard and other surfers, there is the ocean with its currents, inhabitants and bottom of the ocean that you should be aware of. The right equipment and a professional surf class can protect you from the dangers and you will learn to surf with less risk of injury.

Are there rules in surfing?

You should definitely know the rules of surfing. It is also important to know certain important behaviour patterns in the water. How to treat local surfers, where is it best to paddle in the water and how to protect your head best. The right behaviour in emergency situations needs to be learned as well as falling from the board in the right way.

Warm-up before surfing

Avoid injuries with a warm-up and stretching

surfschule warmup und dehnen

How long should a Warm-up take?

Warm up every muscle group in your body in a dynamic way before surfing. Avoid static stretching and keep moving until you start to sweat a little. When you feel that you are feeling supple, get into the water.

Why should you warm up before surfing?

Warming up stimulates blood circulation and gets your body up to temperature. You lubricate your joints and your ligaments become more elastic. You prevent injuries and become more efficient. Your perception is also improved, your motivation increases and your nervousness decreases. You can find even more information about a great warm-up under the following link.

Surf equipment – Surfboards & Co.

Which surfboards are there? Models, shapes and materials

surfschule surfmaterial

Which is the right surfboard for me?

There are so many different models, sizes and shapes, it’s easy to get lost in the choice of surfboards. Thanks to our little overview you’ll get a first impression of the different variations of surfboards. Find out, which board suits you and your surf level best.

How do surfboards differ from each other?

Surfboards differ in terms of their volume, which influences the buoyancy of the board. Points such as stability, speed and manoeuvrability play an important role in the selection of surfboards. Get to know the different variants under the following link and expand your surfing knowledge.

Board and equipment rental in our surf school 

Board Rental, Surfboards, Wetsuits, Bodyboards, etc.

surfschule materialverleih

Do I have to bring my own surfboard?

You can take your own surf equipment with you to Fuerteventura, but you don’t have to. We are happy to supply you with a suitable surfboard and a wetsuit. We have boards in various sizes, shapes and variants. A great choice of various surfboards from Longboard to Shortboards awaits you here in our Surfschool.

Fitness and nutrition for surfers

Tips about the right nutrition and training for surfers

surfschule ernaehrung

What role does nutrition play in surfing?

With the right diet and training, you can develop faster in surfing, just like in any other sport. Take care of your body and treat it like your own temple. You can often make a big difference with just a few small adjustments.

How important is it to be fit to learn to surf?

Let’s say it like that: “the better you prepare, the better you train and the fitter you are, the easier it will be for you to learn to surf.” Good stamina will help you paddle and the better your training before your surfing holiday, the longer you will last in the water and be able to surf more waves.

Book your surf lessons directly

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Questions and Answers about our Surfschool 

We answerd all questions concerning our surfschool in our FAQ to make sure no questions remain open. 


FAQ’s about our Surfschool